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Summer Movie June 2016June 2016 isn’t looking very appetizing to me. As I was pursuing the upcoming movies of the month not much was jumping out at me. This could be a month where perhaps it will be more worthwhile to catch up on some rentals, DVR a bunch of random programs and catch some ballgames rather than worry about what’s going on at the movie theater.

These are the months I dread writing about upcoming summer movies. The only real reason I bother with crappy months like this  and not just skip over them is out of tradition. Internet movie reviewers and movie news sites will be much better covering and selling this stuff to the fans who are looking forward to these flicks. I’m not one of those. I’m just giving you my gut reaction to a trailer without sticking a camera in my face and doing an exaggerated performance. READ MORE

Captain America: Civil War – A Reaction

Captain America Civil War thoughtsSteve Rogers and Tony Stark go head-to-head as Marvel’s Phase Three begins with conflicts of beliefs and friendships splintering between our costumed superheroes.

There’s introductions to new heroes on the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic landscape. It’s a Civil War between the Marvel heroes with sides being led by Captain America and Iron Man.

We all know about Captain America: Civil War. Most fans have already seen it. Of course I did. And yeah, it’s very good.  I’m coming in kind of late on this, but I thought I’d quickly go over the good and bad of Captain America: Civil War. READ MORE


Hot T-Shirts 1980 posterI decided to pick up my look at 80’s teen/sex/comedies with a very early and more obscure entry – Hot T-Shirts. From that title can you guess what it’s about or what the hook was to lure young male fans into watching it?

Released in 1980 and starring no one you ever heard of it’s a painfully dreadful movie. I think it could be the worst 80’s teen/sex/comedy I’ve seen. I don’t think there’s any reason for anyone to watch it. I doubt most of the actors in it ever saw this thing. If you’re thinking the promise of girls in wet t-shirts showing off their boobs can’t be all bad you’ll be sorely mistaken. If you want to read my review and get more of a taste of what this flick was all about here it is.


Summer Movies May 2016It’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime….

That means a lot of bright, loud movies once again. Big-budgets! Special Effects! Sequels! Comedies! Superheroes! Sports Bios! Horror Movies! Animation! We’ll be getting it all!

So, let’s take a look at some of the movies that will be adorning theater screens in the month of May!

Batman v Superman – A Reaction

Batman v Superman Lego Toys Oh my, my my. What has Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder wrought upon us?

So I ended up seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice late Friday night. I went with two of my friends, one who works at a theater so we were able to avoid paying for this.

That was one of the few redeeming things about watching this – which will be at the top of my list of positives about going to see this long-awaited, hyped-up, universe-building superhero epic. We all found it difficult finding any good out of this movie, but my one shellshocked friend kept reminding us, “At least we didn’t have to pay for it.” READ MORE