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Hey, Remember Postcards?

Hey Remember PostcardsOnce upon a time taking a trip and sending someone back home a postcard was such a popular thing. It was something almost required you would do while on a vacation. But over time less and less postcards are making their way to mailboxes. Are postcards dying out?

At one point you could find postcards everywhere! With a single stamp you could show what miraculous place you’re at and make the receiver jealous with that old reliable ‘Wish you were here’ greeting. Today, it looks like the best years of postcard sending and receiving is a thing of the past. READ MORE

Ghostbusters (1984) Kid Review

Ghostbusters 1984 kid review thoughts HaphazardStuffAs we arrive upon the release of the Ghostbusters 2016 ‘reboot’, ‘remake’, ‘redo’, whatever they want to call it – we can expect to see more venom, anger and rejection hurled at it.

Instead of jumping aboard the complain train (for now at least) I thought I would focus on the more optimistic, sunnier, innocent perspective of young Ghostbusters fans and be reminded what an entertaining, funny movie the original 1984 film is through their tender eyes. I sat with my nephews and nieces for a movie night watching the original film. They’ve already seen it, enjoy it and not surprisingly they’ve also become Ghostbusters fans.

So here’s me listening in on a group of four kids ages 6-10 eavesdropping in and doing some prodding as Ghostbusters plays. Sort of like a kiddie commentary of the movie. READ MORE


Summer Movies July 2016 GhostbustersI was talking to my friend who asked what’s some good movies that are coming out this summer.

There was quite a bit of silence.

He described this summer as a bust. That there really wasn’t many movies to get excited about. He paused and said – “we said that about last summer too. And the one before that! You know, summer movies are really starting to suck.”

This summer might have felt more fun if Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War hadn’t already come and gone. Those were some big guns that everyone was excited for. Now that they’re in the history books everything else following them seem like forgettable afterthoughts. It’s doubtful that any of these summer movies will top the attention those flicks got. Well, that Dory movie will probably be big, but that’s not my thing.

However, one of the most widely discussed movies of the summer arrives, but crazily enough the attention for it is not because it looks so good, but because it looks so bad! What strange times we live in.

So, let’s see what’s coming in July! 

New Footage Surfaces of The Day The Clown Cried

Jerry Lewis The Day The Clown Cried 1972Jerry Lewis’ unreleased 1972 film The Day The Clown Cried continues to fascinate movie fans. A film that takes place during WWII with Lewis playing a circus clown tossed into a concentration camp. The Nazi’s see the children prisoners are entertained by his antics and decide to use him as pied piper of sorts to lead the unsuspecting children to their deaths.

This idea could be the epitome of bad taste and be one of the largest train wrecks in the land of cinema. But perhaps the most amazing thing to me is that over forty years after starring and directing The Day The Clown Cried, the film truly has never been seen. Clips and behind-the-scenes footage have come out, but the film itself remains a mystery. It has taken on somewhat mythic proportions. ‘The Lost Jerry Lewis Film’ that he vowed will never be shown. The film might haunt Lewis, but it’s become one of the most notorious curiosities in film that hasn’t wavered since it was shelved.

And recently more footage than ever before has been seen leaked out giving the clearest idea of what the film might have been. READ MORE

The 1985 Teen/Sex/Comedy Private Resort!

Private Resort 1985 Johnny Depp Rob Morrow

It’s 1985 and two young up-and-coming actors have landed the lead roles in a teen sex comedy – Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow in Private Resort!

Depp and Morrow play Jack and Ben who arrive at a Florida private resort with only one thing on their minds – to get laid.

Simple enough huh? There also a jewel thief on the premises played by Hector Elizondo, his buxom wife Leslie Easterbrook and an angry head of resort security who always seems to fall down and get slapped. Plus, there’s a lot of boobs on display! Let’s travel back and take a look at the movie that supposedly both Depp and Morrow wished would be wiped from existence – Private Resort!