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Justice League Trailer #1 Thoughts

Justice League Trailer Wonder Woman Aquaman CyborgWarner Brothers/DC Comics has released the first full trailer for Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Justice League.

Yeah, it’s a trailer. It’s receiving a positive reaction by many who love doing those ‘trailer reaction’ videos. I’ve seen plenty of folks hopping up and down, cheering and loving every frame of it, which is fine.

I’m not exactly sure what is getting them so excited though. Perhaps it’s just enough that a Justice League movie is coming out and it makes little difference in how it looks or is executed. It’s pretty much how I expected it to look. That means I continue to be very apprehensive about this movie and everything I’ve seen trying to ignite any hype about it has fallen flat for me. My head continues to shake and my arms remain to be folded. READ MORE

Midnight Madness (1980) – A Review

Midnight Madness 1980 Disney comedy castLet’s travel back to 1980 when the Disney company was attempting to get a bit more ‘adult’ and dip their toes into PG-rated films. Writers/directors Michael Nankin and David Wechter would take a young cast, hit the LA streets and film an all-night college-aged, clue cracking comedy – Midnight Madness.

Five eclectic college teams are given colored team sweaters and let loose upon the city to find clues, solve them and race to the finish line in an attempt to win the esteemed trophy and being crowned the winning team of The Great All-Nighter.

Midnight Madness 1980 Disney movie comedy castSomething of a hybrid of the growing popular teen comedies, the large ensemble mayhem of It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and the trendy fad of scavenger hunts, Midnight Madness wouldn’t be the hit Disney had hoped. It seemed like it would quickly fade from memory. However, the movie would find its fair share of fans thanks to endless airings on cable. It would make Midnight Madness a fun cherished film for those who were exactly the right age to enjoy it back then.

Disney might have wanted to disown it, but Midnight Madness has never faded away to its base of fans. Starring David Naughton, Stephen Furst and a very young Michael J. Fox, I take a look back at Midnight Madness! READ MORE

Hey, Remember – When McDonald’s Was Fun

Remember when McDonalds was funLong before it was catching flak for serving up junk, being irresponsible and not having enough nutritious food on their menu, McDonald’s was a junk food palace and everyone knew it and loved it.

It was filled with wacky, bizarre characters pitching to kids to come in for a heavenly break, buy some gift certificates and get their latest collectible glass. The biggest concern was hoping they didn’t run out of cookies when you got there. McDonald’s was a much sunnier experience a long time ago. READ MORE

The Craig Reconstruction: Casino Royale (2006)

Followers of mine are probably aware I had previously done a review of Daniel Craig’s 007 debut film Casino Royale quite awhile ago. However, I was unable to post it on my Youtube channel thanks to some copyright issues.

I’d like to get all of my video projects on my Youtube channel, since that would be where most people can easily watch it and new ones to discover them. So being unable to post them there is a bit frustrating.

After doing some tweaking and re-editing I’ve been able to upload the full Casino Royale review. There are some minor changes from the original review, but essentially it’s the same. I’m hoping it will remain there untouched with no problems. I’m also going to attempt to get my Quantum of Solace review up there as well before my next Bond project.

So here it is, enjoy!