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Bond 25 Release Date Announced!

James Bond Return in Bond 25 movie November 2019It’s been a long silent wait for Bond fans.

Since Spectre everyone has been waiting for some information about when James Bond will return. We know he will, but the question of ‘when’ has been a tough answer to get.

Bond news have pretty much gone silent for quite a long time now. Desperate for any kind of Bond updates fans have been forced to speculate, let rumors ignite and just tap their toes waiting for something…anything from EON about when 007 will show up again.

Well, finally the official word has come down that Bond 25 will happen and fans will see it in November 2019. READ MORE

 The Little Three Stooges Are Coming!

The Litlte Three Stooges movie film projectWhat would be better than a new Three Stooges project?

One when they’re little kids of course! Or at least that’s what the filmmakers behind ‘The Little Three Stooges’ are thinking.

Yes, ‘The Little Three Stooges’. Recent news is that a new film will take our famous trio back to where they haven’t been interpreted before – as twelve-year-olds. Can we categorize this as a prequel?

I’m not sure why or who thought this was a good idea. Here are a few of my thoughts about seeing a movie starring Little Three Stooges. READ MORE

A James Bond Cinematic Universe – Is It A Good Idea?

James Bond Cinematic UniverseSo, the latest James Bond rumor making the rounds is that the Bond producers are interested in creating a whole Cinematic Universe of films around 007. Expanding the world of 007 to focus on other characters and giving them their own solo adventures while Mr. Bond is off duty.

This is just a very, very loose rumor that has no validity whatsoever, but somehow got some attention. Probably because fans are so desperate for some actual Bond news. There has been nothing even remotely official spoken about this at all. Let’s hope it stays that way. I would much prefer to read some hard news about Bond 25, but let’s entertain this ‘James Bond Cinematic Universe’ as if it were actual news anyway. READ MORE

Summer Movies – July 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes Woody HarrelsonThe summer is only half over and already we’re reading all about how terrible it’s been for the big blockbusters.

Each week we’ve seen the articles about the newest box office flop, apocalyptic predictions that this is the worst summer ever, people are staying home enjoying streaming services, everyone is sick of the over abundance of lazy reboots, sequels and universe building that is happening and that darn Rotten Tomatoes website is ruining everything, pushing audiences away from seeing the latest big shiny studio release with their pesky scoring cluing everyone in that the critic consensus is that the weeks newest big flick is garbage.

This has been the repetitive pattern of the last few summers. Every summer becomes the worst movie summer ever. Let’s worry about all that when this summer is actually over and Hollywood is ready to fully assess what has happened. Until then let’s see what’s in store for us movie fans in July! READ MORE

The Death of Adam West

death of Adam West Batman starFamed and beloved actor Adam West has died at the age of 88.

Fans around the world are taking a moment of reflection on West who became a television icon from his inimitable performance as Batman in the popular 1966 TV show. That’s the role that followed him since the show ended and how he will be most known for.

I, like millions of others, was a big West fan. I share some thoughts about his death and the legacy he has left. READ MORE

The Death of Roger Moore

The Death of Roger Moore James Bond

Famed actor and iconic James Bond Roger Moore has died at the age of 89.

Throughout his twelve-year, seven-film run as James Bond he reignited the film series with his tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the secret agent. With over-the-top stunts, a fun fantastical tone and Moore’s lighthearted approach to the role he would become a generations 007.

I share a few of my personal memories of watching his 007 and the lasting legacy he has left on fans. READ MOORE

The Craig Reconstruction: Quantum of Solace (2008)

Followers of mine are probably aware I had previously done a review of Daniel Craig’s second 007 film Quantum of Solace quite awhile ago. However, I was unable to post it on my Youtube channel thanks to some copyright issues.

I’d like to get all of my video projects on my Youtube channel, since that would be where most of my followers can easily watch them and new viewers can discover them. So being unable to post them there is a bit frustrating.

After doing some tweaking and re-editing I’ve been able to upload the full Quantum of Solace review (along with my Casino Royale one). There are some minor changes from the original reviews, but essentially they’re the same. I’m hoping it will remain there untouched with no problems. I’m hoping to tackle Skyfall at some point.

So here is my longwinded, overlong dissection of Quantum of Solace. Enjoy!