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Hey, Remember – The Famous Press Your Luck Episode

Press Your Luck Game Show Michael LarsonThe 1980’s had its fair share of popular television game shows. One was CBS’ Press Your Luck, in which contestants faced a big electronic board, tried to win ‘big money’ and attempted to avoid those pesky red Whammies who would take all their winnings away.

It wasn’t until contestant Michael Larson came along when those Whammies stopped their giggling. Larson had discovered a flaw in the Press Your Luck board. When he got the opportunity to face the big board he knew exactly when to press his button.

Larson was able to rack up an historic amount of game show winnings and stunned the network, in what would be one of the most notorious incidents in the annals of game show history since the 1950’s quiz show scandals – even though Larson never technically cheated at anything, he simply beat the games design, won a pile of loot and left a whole network embarrassed. READ MORE

Daniel Craig Announces His Return As James Bond

Daniel Craig return James Bond 007 Stephen ColbertWith the recent announcement that Bond 25 was set for release in November 2019, one item was noticeably absent – who was going to play James Bond?

Bond fans have been left wondering, speculating and feeding the rumor mill of whether Craig was going to be back as 007 or hang up his Walther.

As Daniel Craig makes the rounds to promote his newest film Lucky Logan, the question of whether he’ll play James Bond again was bound to be asked over and over again to him. He’s refused to give a definitive answer – until now!

At an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he point blank answered the big question – Yes, he will return for one final time to play 007. READ MORE

Movie Clichés – The Ominous Parking Garage

Movie Cliches The Ominious Parking GarageNothing good comes out of walking into a parking garage in a movie.

Parking garages have become popular locations for deadly and mysterious encounters in horror, thrillers and action movies. It’s unlikely if a character places their feet on their concrete floor they’ll have an easy, whistling walk to their car. When a character finds themselves in a parking garage it can almost guarantee suspense and deadly encounters.

Parking garages also just don’t have to house a bunch of stationary cars, but they can be used as claustrophobic mazes to unleash car chases in. Movie heroes have to navigate tight corners and mammoth columns to elude bad guys with usually one way out! It takes some pretty skilled driving to escape a chase in a parking garage.

I take a look at all that classic location and the cliché of parking garages in movies. READ MORE 

A Little Three Stooges Movie?

 The Litlte Three Stooges movie film projectWhat would be better than a new Three Stooges project?

One when they’re little kids of course! Or at least that’s what the filmmakers behind ‘The Little Three Stooges’ are thinking.

Yes, ‘The Little Three Stooges’. Recent news is that a new film will take our famous trio back to where they haven’t been interpreted before – as twelve-year-olds. Can we categorize this as a prequel?

I’m not sure why or who thought this was a good idea. Here are a few of my thoughts about seeing a movie starring Little Three Stooges. READ MORE

The Craig Reconstruction: Quantum of Solace (2008)

Followers of mine are probably aware I had previously done a review of Daniel Craig’s second 007 film Quantum of Solace quite awhile ago. However, I was unable to post it on my Youtube channel thanks to some copyright issues.

I’d like to get all of my video projects on my Youtube channel, since that would be where most of my followers can easily watch them and new viewers can discover them. So being unable to post them there is a bit frustrating.

After doing some tweaking and re-editing I’ve been able to upload the full Quantum of Solace review (along with my Casino Royale one). There are some minor changes from the original reviews, but essentially they’re the same. I’m hoping it will remain there untouched with no problems. I’m hoping to tackle Skyfall at some point.

So here is my longwinded, overlong dissection of Quantum of Solace. Enjoy!