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The Five Most Overplayed Christmas Songs That I’m Just Sick Of!

Santa Christmas music early

There’s two radio stations by me that have been playing 24 hour-a-day Christmas music. They’ve been treating their listeners to round-the-clock Christmas music since Thanksgiving. So all around the sounds of Christmas carols fill the airwaves up to December 25th.

One thing I’ve always encountered with tuning into both these stations is that I consistently hear the same songs again and again. And I don’t mean I hear numerous different versions of Jingle Bells – that I would welcome. But I always seem to hear the same exact Christmas songs and artists. READ MORE

Will Anyone Be Watching A Christmas Story 2 This Holiday Season?

Christmas Story 2 movie sequelHas A Christmas Story 2 become a beloved annual movie to watch like the original yet?

Not likely!

I watched this once…..once! A truly terrible movie. I bet there’s going to be some channel that will be airing at some point in December though. A lot of these stations have to fill up their schedules with holiday programming and don’t really have much standards as to what it airs. If there’s a Christmas tree in it – bam get it in the lineup!

I reviewed A Christmas Story 2 when it first arrived and it’s as bad as you might have thought. Don’t bother with it unless you’re filled with morbid curiosity to witness this train wreck. HERE’S MY REVIEW

Remake Recon – Miracle on 34th Street 

This classic Christmas film always gets reliable airplay around this time of year. And not surprisingly it was remade a few times. Here, I take a look at the 1947 film starring Maureen O’Hara, Edmund Gween and Natalie Wood and its 1994 remake starring Elizabeth Perkins, Richard Attenbourgh and Mara Wilson.


Are Hitchcock’s Films A Shared Cinematic Universe?

Alfred Hitchcock Films Cinematic UniverseAlfred Hitchcock directed over fifty films in his career. From early grainy silent films to big glossy Hollywood productions. Thanks to so many of his popular, classic films and his talents behind the camera he would become known as ‘The Master of Suspense’.

He would also become one of the most recognizable directors of all time, thanks to his weekly appearances on his own television show ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’. His rotund shape, distinct profile and dry dark humor would make him a memorable figure. READ MORE

Fantastic Voyage – 50 Years Later

Fantastic Voyage 1966 50th anniversaryFifty years ago movie audiences sat down in darkened theaters to witness a film that would take them to ‘where no one has ever been before‘.

They learned from the intriguing title card that ‘No eye-witness has actually seen what you are about to see. During an era where going to the moon would soon be upon us and where the most incredible things are happening all around us, someday, perhaps tomorrow, the fantastic events you are about to see can and will take place‘.

What a build up from an opening title card! Folks, we’re about to take a FANTASTIC VOYAGE! READ MORE

Superhero Films – Batman (1989)

Batman 1989 Haphazardstuff reviewMy superhero series continues with one of the most popular superhero films of all time.

As the summer of 1989 approached there would be one film in particular that would dominate the season, one movie that would be the most anticipated film of the year helped along by endless hype of merchandise and billboards – Batman.

With a huge budget, a young director by the name of Tim Burton, Jack Nicholson getting a huge payday, the controversial casting of Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight, complete secrecy from the set and an early movie trailer that ignited the spark in the eyes of everyone who saw it, when the film finally hit Bat fans and everyone else swarmed theaters to make it a huge hit. I go back and revisit Burton’s Batman. READ MORE