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Fantastic Voyage – 50 Years Later

Fantastic Voyage 1966 50th anniversaryFifty years ago movie audiences sat down in darkened theaters to witness a film that would take them to ‘where no one has ever been before‘.

They learned from the intriguing title card that ‘No eye-witness has actually seen what you are about to see. During an era where going to the moon would soon be upon us and where the most incredible things are happening all around us, someday, perhaps tomorrow, the fantastic events you are about to see can and will take place‘.

What a build up from an opening title card! Folks, we’re about to take a FANTASTIC VOYAGE! READ MORE

Superhero Films – Batman (1989)

Batman 1989 Haphazardstuff reviewMy superhero series continues with one of the most popular superhero films of all time.

As the summer of 1989 approached there would be one film in particular that would dominate the season, one movie that would be the most anticipated film of the year helped along by endless hype of merchandise and billboards – Batman.

With a huge budget, a young director by the name of Tim Burton, Jack Nicholson getting a huge payday, the controversial casting of Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight, complete secrecy from the set and an early movie trailer that ignited the spark in the eyes of everyone who saw it, when the film finally hit Bat fans and everyone else swarmed theaters to make it a huge hit. I go back and revisit Burton’s Batman. READ MORE

Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens I’m not the audience for Sharknado anymore.

Oh, I like bad movies. I enjoy laughing at cheesy crap. And the first Sharknadoqualified as an oddball, dumb, poorly made piece of disposable entertainment that delivered in that category.

However, as Sharknado became ‘a thing’ and now The Asylum and The SyFy Channel have churned out four of these movies each summer since it debuted the novelty has completely worn off for me. These flicks are no longer so bad they’re good-type of movies – or at least mind-numbingly mildly amusing to watch. They’ve become so bad, they’re just bad with nothing left to offer me. READ MORE

Summer Movies August 2016As we reach the finish line of summer 2016 there’s one final gasping month to redeem the summer movie season of 2016. It hasn’t been a great summer for movies folks.

Nope, it hasn’t been a very memorable summer. Blockbusters that have been hyped up and released have been cooly received and by the end of the weekend pushed aside and quickly forgotten. Usually you can point to a few movies and say, “that was the summer such and such came out, that was the big hit”. While some movies have earned some cash, it doesn’t appear there’s many that will be remembered past their opening weekends. Most have already vanished from audiences minds and should spend the rest of their existence in bargain bins at Walmart. READ MORE

The Wonder Woman and Justice League Trailers

Gal Gadot as Wonder WomanThe San Diego Comic Con was the setting where DC & Warner Brothers revealed two glimpses of their expanding cinematic superhero universe movies – Wonder Woman and Justice League. Everyone is reacting and talking about these trailers, so here’s my two cents.

First the Wonder Woman trailer – I liked it. Gal Gadot was one of the few bright spots in Batman v Superman. Her casting was initially met with more raised eyebrows than hand-clapping, but I thought she was pretty decent. Maybe not the best acting on display, but she looked really good and showed some charisma in her brief time in that muddled mess of a movie. READ MORE

Hey, Remember Postcards?

Hey Remember PostcardsOnce upon a time taking a trip and sending someone back home a postcard was such a popular thing. It was something almost required you would do while on a vacation. But over time less and less postcards are making their way to mailboxes. Are postcards dying out?

At one point you could find postcards everywhere! With a single stamp you could show what miraculous place you’re at and make the receiver jealous with that old reliable ‘Wish you were here’ greeting. Today, it looks like the best years of postcard sending and receiving is a thing of the past. READ MORE