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Terminator Genisys – A Review

Terminator Genisys castThe Terminator franchise gets shaken up as timelines gets altered, new faces are introduced and Skynet creates new ways to make Judgment Day to come about.

In 2029 Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) gets sent back in time to stop a Terminator from killing the mother of human resistance leader John Conner (Jason Clarke). You know, just like the original movie. But instead of arriving in the 1984 that James Cameron showed us somehow events have been changed. Now Sarah Conner (Emilia Clarke) doesn’t need protecting. She’s already a combat-ready fighter, with her own elderly Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) at her side….READ MORE

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Thoughts

Star Wars The Force Awakens castThe newest chapter in the Star Wars saga arrived and boy has this thing made money! Along with more products and tie-ins imaginable. I haven’t been able to walk into any store without seeing something Star Wars-related. I went to buy coffee creamer and the bottle was shaped like R2-D2!

Anyway, everyone has had a reaction to it, so it’s not surprising I had some thoughts of my own. Here they are.

Remake Recon: Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock introduces the world to Norman Bates, his domineering mother and the dangers of showers in his 1960 horror classic Psycho. Then in 1998 Gus Van Sant does a shot-for-shot remake of Hitch’s film. I check them both out.

Remake Recon: Psycho from HaphazardStuff on Vimeo.


Spectre Thoughts

Specter Thoughts Daniel Craig as James BondBond 24 is now in the books. It’s been out, fans are watched it, they’re discussing it and sharing their opinions on Spectre. The story, the characters, the action and whether this will be Daniel Craig’s swan song as 007.

Well, naturally I went to see it. So here’s some of my own spoiler-filled initial thoughts on Spectre.

Nitpicking Star Wars

Nitpicking 1977 Star Wars movieStar Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters fans lined up, watching, discussing, analyzing and dissecting the latest chapter in the saga. Nitpicking is part of the territory with hardcore fandom. So let’s look back, have some fun and nitpick the original 1977 George Lucas classic that started it all!