Monthly Archive: February 2017

Oscars In Memoriam

The 2017 Oscars & The In Memoriam Segment

Usually I do an uneducated, crap shoot of predictions for the Oscars every year. However, this year I’m skipping with that tradition trying to guess the winners. The main reason...

Burt Reynolds Hooper 1978 stunt man movie

Hooper (1978) – A Review

Sonny Hooper (Burt Reynolds) is the top stuntman in the business. But age and years of injuries on his body are catching up to him. He’s keeping himself together with painkillers...

Robert Downey Jr. as Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin (1992) – A Review

It’s an expansive docudrama that explores the extraordinary life of film legend and icon Charlie Chaplin played by Robert Downey Jr. . The film covers seventy years of Chaplin’s life,...

The Window 1949 film noir Bobby Driscoll

The Window (1949) – A Review

A nine year old boy witnesses a murder through a window in his apartment building. He tries to convince everyone about the crime, but after hearing so many tall tales from...

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