The Brosnan Age Intro

The Brosnan Age

Pierce Brosnan as James BondOne of the most frequent questions I’d get asked since completing The Bond Blueprint is -“when are you going to take a look at the Pierce Brosnan films?”

First, it’s great to hear the enthusiastic response from so many Bond fans for this series. What started out as a little experiment to kill some time during one weekend has turned out to be something much bigger than I had ever expected. So thanks so much for your
interest in these projects! Knowing that there are some people who appreciate them keeps me motivated to continue them.

First having some downtime during one weekend I put together this fun trailer for it. Mainly to let fellow Bond fans know that I hadn’t forgot about it.

This was going to be indepth look at Brosnan’s four Bond films, much more indepth than any of the previous reviews I’ve done. It also became the longest project I’d worked on at that point.

Like previous entries in my ongoing series on the 007 films, I wanted to open this part with a montage intro. However attempting to make things a bit more interesting it was meant to demonstrate the early connections Pierce Brosnan has had with the series and the character.

There was a long winding road that lead up to Brosnan’s final casting in 1994, the fear that the character of 007 was irrelevant and the eventual six year hiatus the series would take. This opening was meant to illustrate how those events unfolded and the circumstances The Brosnan Age would begin.