Category: 1980s Teen Sex Comedies

Screwballs 1983 poster logo

Screwballs (1983) – A Review

“Oh shit Melvin, you jerk off so much if you ever did get laid you probably would scream out your own name.” Oh boy….. Teen/sex films essentially have one goal...

Revenge of the Nerds 1984 poster logo

Revenge of the Nerds (1984) – A Review

“NERDS! NERDS! NERDS!” “Where are they?” “I think they’re talking about us.” “No way.” It’s the 80’s version of the classic underdog story. As the poster declares – ‘They’ve been...

Mischief 1985 poster logo

Mischief (1985) – A Review

“I can’t do it.” “Shit Jonathan where’s your sense of adventure?” “Hiding behind my fear of humiliation.” “You got nothing to lose but your cherry.” “I’ve gotten attached to it...

Private School 1983 poster logo

Private School (1983) – A Review

“I want you to know I like a lot of….whatchamacallit….foreplay.” [rubs her boob for a second] “Is that enough?” “I guess so.” This was a double-whammy with chicks….so to speak....

Zapped movie poster logo

Zapped! (1982) – A Review

“Your father and I went to a drug education seminar at the school.” “Are you…..a junkie son?” Barney (Scott Baio) is a science nerd who while fiddling in the lab...

Private Lessons movie poster logo

Private Lessons (1981) – A Review

“Philly if you want to watch me undress so badly you should have told me.” “What do you mean?” “Well, do you want to watch me undress?” “Well, uh..sure…uh…I guess...

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