Category: Cheater

Marrying Mistress card

Marrying His Mistress

The joyous day has arrived! The husband has married his mistress. Yes, the young blonde who he had been having an affair with, that he lied to his wife and...

marry mistress cheating husband

Proposing To The Mistress

When last we left the cheating husband was in the middle of being in a rush to finalize his divorce from his wife. He really put his foot on the...

Husband mistress becomes girlfriend

A Cheater and A Mistress’ Attitude

My account detailing the actions of a cheating husband and his shallow, conceited mistress and all the nonsense, drama and irrational behavior they are forcing onto a betrayed wife and...

cheating husband holidays

A Cheating Husband During The Holidays

As I continue to document the events of a broken household as a result of the husband/father leaving to pursue a relationship with his mistress, I look at the most...

cheaters in central park

A Cheaters Behavior

While having an affair meeting your paramour in the middle of a pond is a nice remote locale away from prying eyes “If you tell the truth, you don’t have...

signs of cheating husband

Signs of A Cheater

Signs of a cheater – laundry should be a big tip-off! Once upon a time, about a year ago there was a happily married couple who had a nice house,...

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