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Bill Paxton Helen Hunt Twister tornado disaster movie 1996

Twister (1996) – A Review

Bill Paxton is ready to finalize his divorce from Helen Hunt. He’s ready to move on, marry Jamie Gertz, start an uninspiring job and leave behind his tumultuous life he...

The Wave 2015 disaster film Norway

The Wave (2015) – A Review

The town of Geiranger in Norway is existing in the shadow of a potential disaster. There’s fear the mountain Akneset will one day fall in the fjord (the narrow stretch...

Titanic 1953 disaster movie drama

Titanic (1953) – A Review

Titanic (1953) A family melodrama unfolds on the RMS Titanic. Wealthy British couple Julia and Richard Sturges (Barbara Stanwyck and Clifton Webb) are in an unhappy marriage. Having had enough...

S.O.S. Titanic 1979 television mini-series

S.O.S. Titanic (1979) – A Review

S.O.S. Titanic The unsinkable ship RMS Titanic is carrying a full load of passengers ranging from the wealthiest first class to the lowly poor third class. It looks like clear...

Meteor Sean Connery disaster movie

Meteor (1979) – A Review

Sean Connery in Meteor A huge meteor is headed towards earth and if it hits it means extinction for the planet. Hopefully scientist Sean Connery has a plan to save...

The Tower 2012 disaster movie

The Tower (2012) – A Review

The Tower It’s Christmas Eve and all the luxurious floors in the pair of 120-story buildings known as Tower Sky is celebrating. The residents, invited bigwig guests and the staff...

The Last Voyage 1960 disaster movie Robert Stack

The Last Voyage (1960) – A Review

The Last Voyage Cliff Henderson (Robert Stack), wife Laurie (Dorothy Malone) and daughter Jill (Tammy Marihugh) are enjoying a leisurely cruise onboard the SS Claridon headed to Japan. They expect...

Five Came Back 1939 disaster movie

Five Came Back (1939) – A Review

Five Came Back A plane bound for Panama hits a storm, is blown off course and crashes into the Amazonian rainforest. The eclectic surviving group of nine passengers and two...

Into the Storm 2014 tornado disaster movie

Into The Storm (2014) – A Review

Into The Storm The town of Silverton, Oklahoma is about to have a very rough and windy day. An unprecedented number of tornadoes are coming down on it threatening lives...

High and Mighty John Wayne Robert Stack

The High and Mighty (1954) – A Review

The High and Mighty An airplane traveling from Hawaii to San Francisco through stormy skies. An engine blows. Fuel begins leaking. The plane has already passed the point of no...

Zero Hour disaster movie airplane

Zero Hour (1957) – A Review

Linda Darnell and Dana Andrews in Zero Hour! The disaster film genre had been around for quite some time before it hit its peak in the 1970s. Long before former...

2012 John Cusack

2012 – The Latest Hollywood Blockbuster….

Well, I guess it’s no surprise that Roland Emmerich’s newest disaster film has opened up as number one it’s first week in release. Despite getting a 38% rating on