I was desperate for some potato chips the other day and the only ones I had available were Pringles. These were the plain ones in the red container. I’m not a huge fan of them, but I started munching away anyway. And I learned something: I hate Pringles!

Let’s leave out some of the facts. I won’t mention that I don’t like the container they come in. It’s just not right to me. I know that’s they’re gimmick and all, but potato chips should come in bags and be a bunch of random broken up shapes. They shouldn’t be all uniformed and nicely piled up. When you dump potato chips in a bowl they should randomly be a mishmash of chips. They shouldn’t form a nice row of perfectly lined up chips and all look the same. I bet packing these things in cans are hurting their vending machine sales. I’ve never seen Pringles in any of them.

I don’t like this logo on Pringles either. This guy with the mustache…what is that? Who is this guy? Does he have a name? I’m sure it’s something like Mr. Pringles or probably something very high-concept like that, but as a logo he isn’t a lot of fun. They must of recently revamped this guy. Now on the cans there’s a newer version of him. This one doesn’t look as much as he just stepped out of the 1920’s. But I can’t tell if that tuft of hair towards the top of his head is his hair or eyebrows.

Lastly, the taste. Pringles just taste boring to me. Granted I was eating the plain ones, but even as plain ones they tasted really bland. After two mouthfuls I realized the mistake I made and sealed that can back up and put it back. That’s one good thing I’ll give them- after you’re sick of them you can reseal that can a lot faster than a bag.


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