Liked ‘Em

Here are a few movies I’ve watched or re-watched recently that I enjoyed. I would recommend fellow movie fans to check them out – if they haven’t already.

For the Love of Spock (2016)

For The Love of Spock documentary Leonard Nimoy 2016A documentary about renowned actor, director and renaissance man Leonard Nimoy, directed by his son Adam Nimoy.

For The Love of Spock covers Nimoy life from his early acting struggles, his personal life, his expansive talents in multiple areas and of course his iconic role as Mr. Spock in Star Trek, where he would create one of the most popular characters in history, along with the enduring legacy and appeal he would have. READ MORE

Frankenhooker (1990)

Frankenhooker Patty Mullen 1990 horror comedyPoor Jeffrey (James Lorenz). He’s been rejected by every med school he’s applied to and his girlfriend Elizabeth (Patty Mullen) has just been decapitated in a freak lawnmower accident. What a sad story.

Wait a second! Jeffrey is a bit of a mad scientist too and has the idea of bringing Elizabeth back to life! All he needs are some gorgeous female body parts for her head to use. Setting out to use the pieces of the best attributes from New York prostitutes Jeffrey sets out to make Frankenhooker!

This is complete B-movie, exploitative, low-budget tasteless trash. And I kind of dig it. READ MORE

The Window (1949)

The Window 1949 film noir Bobby DriscollA nine year old boy witnesses a murder through a window in his apartment building. He tries to convince everyone about the crime, but after hearing so many tall tales from this overly imaginative kid before don’t believe him about this murder. His parents don’t believe him, the police laugh the kid off, but the couple who did the killing are taking him talking about it very seriously.

As you probably know, witnesses to a murder is not a good thing to have around, so the nasty culprits go about trying to silence this one for good, even if he’s just a little kid. READ MORE

Going in Style (1979)

Going In Style 1979 George Burns Lee Strasberg Art CarneyGeorge Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasberg are senior citizens living together and getting by on their pension checks. They have their daily routine down – having their morning coffee, sitting in the park, reading the newspaper, and the monotony is wearing Burns down.

Burns wants to add some excitement to their lives and suggests they do a stick up. He figures if they either get away with it or not their lives won’t be any worse off then they are now. Carney and Strasberg agree and the three set out to rob a bank together.

It’s not just an amusing caper comedy, but also a dramatic emotional tale of aging, loss and friendship directed by Marin Brest. READ MORE

The Sheik (2014)

Iron Sheik wrestler documentary movie 2014The Sheik tells the life and career of Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, better known by wrestling fans as the Iron Sheik.

 The Sheik is one of those independent documentaries that we have seen more and more in recent years. The driving force behind them is a real affection and interest in the subject, by the filmmakers and is targeted to fans who share the same passion for it.

They’re made relatively cheap with the help of fundraising campaigns, they don’t come with a lot of dazzle, they don’t have much polish, but they explore their topic effectively with reverence and offer some insights into it.

The Sheik does that. READ MORE

Fourteen Hours (1951)

Fourteen Hours 1951 film noir dramaNew York City is gripped by a tense drama that unfolds fifteen stories above the street!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in New York City when a man (Richard Basehart) steps out onto the narrow ledge of a hotel. Immediately Paul Dunnigan (Paul Douglas) a street cop is on the scene. Rushing to the man’s room he learns the potential jumper doesn’t want the police near him. Quickly ditching his uniform Dunnigan poses as a resident of the hotel in the hope of luring the man back into the room.

Meanwhile, on the streets below panic and curiosity captivate the city by the bizarre scene. Cops scramble to hold back the crowds. The media frantically attempts to get as much information as they can to report the story. The jumper is soon identified as Robert Cosick, but his reasons for wanting to jump remain a mystery. Now only agreeing to talk with Dunnigan, the two strike up a rapport with Dunnigan tasked to save the man. READ MORE

The Deadly Tower (1975)

The Deadly Tower 1975 TV movie Kurt Russell as Charles WhitmanA 1975 television movie about the true story of Charles Whitman and the tragic shooting rampage on the University of Texas campus.

It’s August 1, 1966 after killing his wife and mother a mentally disturbed Whitman (Kurt Russell) walks up to the top of the twenty-eight story tower laying in the center of the University and well armed begins shooting down at students, by-standers, police officers and anyone else he can get within his sights.

For the next ninety minutes confusion and panic grip the city of Austin as police try to formulate a plan, the growing number of victims are tended to and everyone tries to make sense as to how something like this could ever happen. Whitman kills fourteen people and wounds thirty-two, before a courageous police officer and civilian make their way up to the top the top of the tower to kill the sniper. READ MORE