Liked ‘Em

Here are a few movies I’ve watched or re-watched recently that I enjoyed. I would recommend fellow movie fans to check them out – if they haven’t already.

Running Scared (1986)

Running Scared 1986 copy buddy movieBilly Crystal and Gregory Hines are two Chicago cops who are looking to retire. They’re getting a bit tired of dodging bullets from criminals. They want to move to Key West, open a nice little bar and enjoy sunsets with tanned lovely ladies on their arms.

But before their last thirty days as cops are up they want to put away one of Chicago’s most notorious criminals – Julio Gonzales played by Jimmy Smits. So, before they get to enjoying margaritas on the beach there’s plenty of time for the two buddies to engage in car chases, shoot outs and trade light hearted banter as they protect and serve the Windy City.

We all know the components of the cop buddy genre and Running Scared ticks all the boxes. It’s got the police action, it’s got the comedy it’s got the fun partners, it’s got their screaming police captain, it’s got the bad guy. It all might sound as routine as ever – and it is. There’s nothing unique going on here, but Running Scared manages to make the formula work once again and it ends being entertaining thanks to Crystal, Hines and director Peter Hyams. READ MORE

Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)

Joe Versus the Volcano Tom Hanks Meg Ryan 1990 fantasy comedyJoe Banks (Tom Hanks is stuck in a dreary job wasting his life away. When he’s diagnosed with having a ‘brain cloud’ he finds himself with limited life left. This changes Joe’s perspective on life and he accepts a bizarre one-time only, life-ending job to jump into a volcano.

Joe attempts to make up for all the lost time he’s squandered. He goes on a journey encountering three incarnations of Meg Ryan, orange soda-loving natives and discovering a new appreciation for the gift of life in John Patrick Shanley’s offbeat fairy tale.

Joe Versus the Volcano was very poorly received when it was first released, but since then this strange, surreal tale has found new appreciation and attracted a following. I think that’s been a long time coming. READ MORE

The Founder (2016)

The Founder 2016 Michael Keaton as Ray KrocRay Kroc (Michael Keaton) is a struggling salesman trying to make ends meet. He’s been dreaming of one big score that will turn his life around, but so far has had one failed venture after another. It looks like he’ll be traveling the roads getting doors slammed in his face forever, until one fateful day he drives up to a new innovative small eatery called McDonalds.

Kroc partners up with the McDonalds brothers Dick and Mac (Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch) and sets out to franchise their little restaurant.

Thanks to his persistence, Kroc manages to have the brothers’ golden arches pop up all over the map and the concept is a huge success. But Kroc wants more. He will soon turn on the brothers, get cut-throat and ruthless, buy them out and become the sole Founder of one of the biggest businesses in history. READ MORE

Sons of the Desert (1933)

Sons of the Desert 1933 Stan Laurel Oliver HardyStan and Ollie are members of the super cool lodge Sons of the Desert. The club has an ultra-important and secret oaths that everyone must take. Once taken you can’t under any circumstances break it!  Today the oath is for all the members to swear that they’ll attend the Sons of the Desert convention in Chicago. Stan and Ollie make the vow to be there. However, their wives have something to say about that!

Now Stan and Ollie have a real problem. Luckily they come up with a plan for Ollie to fake an illness and have a doctor prescribe a trip to Honolulu for his health. Whew! Now the pair can sneak off to the convention, have a great time and the wives will be none the wiser!

If only it were going to be that simple. READ MORE

For the Love of Spock (2016)

For The Love of Spock documentary Leonard Nimoy 2016A documentary about renowned actor, director and renaissance man Leonard Nimoy, directed by his son Adam Nimoy.

For The Love of Spock covers Nimoy life from his early acting struggles, his personal life, his expansive talents in multiple areas and of course his iconic role as Mr. Spock in Star Trek, where he would create one of the most popular characters in history, along with the enduring legacy and appeal he would have. READ MORE

Frankenhooker (1990)

Frankenhooker Patty Mullen 1990 horror comedyPoor Jeffrey (James Lorenz). He’s been rejected by every med school he’s applied to and his girlfriend Elizabeth (Patty Mullen) has just been decapitated in a freak lawnmower accident. What a sad story.

Wait a second! Jeffrey is a bit of a mad scientist too and has the idea of bringing Elizabeth back to life! All he needs are some gorgeous female body parts for her head to use. Setting out to use the pieces of the best attributes from New York prostitutes Jeffrey sets out to make Frankenhooker!

This is complete B-movie, exploitative, low-budget tasteless trash. And I kind of dig it. READ MORE

The Window (1949)

The Window 1949 film noir Bobby DriscollA nine year old boy witnesses a murder through a window in his apartment building. He tries to convince everyone about the crime, but after hearing so many tall tales from this overly imaginative kid before don’t believe him about this murder. His parents don’t believe him, the police laugh the kid off, but the couple who did the killing are taking him talking about it very seriously.

As you probably know, witnesses to a murder is not a good thing to have around, so the nasty culprits go about trying to silence this one for good, even if he’s just a little kid. READ MORE

Fourteen Hours (1951)

Fourteen Hours 1951 film noir dramaNew York City is gripped by a tense drama that unfolds fifteen stories above the street!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in New York City when a man (Richard Basehart) steps out onto the narrow ledge of a hotel. Immediately Paul Dunnigan (Paul Douglas) a street cop is on the scene. Rushing to the man’s room he learns the potential jumper doesn’t want the police near him. Quickly ditching his uniform Dunnigan poses as a resident of the hotel in the hope of luring the man back into the room.

Meanwhile, on the streets below panic and curiosity captivate the city by the bizarre scene. Cops scramble to hold back the crowds. The media frantically attempts to get as much information as they can to report the story. The jumper is soon identified as Robert Cosick, but his reasons for wanting to jump remain a mystery. Now only agreeing to talk with Dunnigan, the two strike up a rapport with Dunnigan tasked to save the man. READ MORE