Movie Cliches

Movie Clichés

HaphazardStuff Movie Cliches“I’ve seen that before.”

Every movie fan has said that at one time. Or maybe a hundred times! You go to the theater, buy your ticket, sit down and begin munching on your popcorn. You begin watching a movie and something very familiar happens. They’re movie scenes and devices that get used time and time again. Yep, they’re old reliable movie clichés!

Once upon a time they might have seemed fresh, new and exciting, but thanks to consistent overuse they’ve become mundane and tired. That once fresh feeling has turned stale. Sure occasionally a filmmaker can tweak them enough to make them feel original and leave an impact, but most of the time they’ve become an eye-rolling moment.

They’re tried and tested cinema tools that worked before, so filmmakers figure, ‘Hey, why not use them again!’ Or maybe they’re just plain lazy and can’t think up something new on their own.

Whatever the reason why they’re being used in a movie, movie fans are sure to pick up on them. Unless your new to the world of cinema and have only seen three movies in your life they might not illicit a yawn from you.

Yep, those fun timeless movie clichés. Here are some I’ve taken a look at:

The Ominous Parking Garage

The Villain Wants To Be Caught

The Explosion Walk

Visualizing An Obsession