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The Iron Sheik documentary movie 2014

The Sheik (2014) – A Review

A review of the 2014 documentary The Sheik about the life and career of professional wrestler The Iron Sheik

Elvis & Nixon 2016 movie comedy

Elvis & Nixon (2016) – A Review

A review of the 2016 comedy Elvis & Nixon about the secret meeting between The President and The King starring Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon about the

Elstree 1976 Star Wars documentary

Elstree 1976 (2015) – Review

A review of the 2015 documentary Elstree 1976 about the actors who played bit parts in Star Wars and how that association has affected their lives

Remember 2015 movie drama Christopher Plummer

Remember (2015) – A Review

Remember Max Rosenbaum (Martin Landau) is an Auschwitz survivor living in a New York nursing home. He has befriended Zev Guttman (Christopher Plummer) whom he recognized from their days at...

Vacation 2015 comedy sequel reboot Ed Helms

Vacation (2015) – A Review

A review of the 2015 comedy sequel reboot Vacation starring Ed Helms and Christina Applegate

Spy Melissa McCarthy comedy movie

Spy (2015) – A Review

A review of the 2015 comedy Spy starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham, directed by Paul Feig