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Raw Deal 1986 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Raw Deal (1986) – A Review

A review of the 1986 action movie Raw Deal, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Davi, Kathryn Harrold, Darren McGavin, Sam Wanamaker and Ed Lauter

Terminator 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi action

The Terminator (1984) – A Review

A review of the 1984 sci-fi action classic The Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn, directed by James Cameron

Escape Plan prison movie Stallone Schwarzenegger

Escape Plan (2013) – A Review

A review of the 2013 prison escape action movie Escape Plan starring Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Caviezel

Last Stand Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Last Stand (2013) – A Review

A review of the 2013 action movie The Last Stand starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jaimie Alexander, Johnny Knoxville, Forrest Whitaker and Genesis Rodriguez

Running Man Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Running Man (1987) – A Review

A review of the 1987 sci-fi action movie The Running Man about a futuristic fight-to-the-death TV show, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Dawson