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Justice League 2017 movie cast DCEU WB bomb flop disappointing

Justice League – The Release & Reception

I haven’t seen Justice League yet. Of course, I’ll eventually watch Warner Brothers highly-anticipated culmination of their DC Extended Universe where all of their most popular heroes come together. Batman,...

Batman v Superman superhero movie

Batman v Superman – A Reaction

Oh my, my my. What has Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder wrought upon us? So I ended up seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice late Friday night. I went...

Batman v Superman

Dawn of The DC Extended Universe

Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice It is upon us. Warner Brothers and DC Comics are about to embark on the beginning of crossing over characters and...

Man of Steel trailer

Man of Steel Trailer Review

Henry Cavill soaring high above the Artic So Warner Brothers gave Superman fans a yuletide treat by releasing the first trailer for 2013’s Man of Steel. Supes has been off...

Man of Steel teaser trailer

Man of Steel Teaser Trailer Debuts

The drums have started beating to herald the return of Superman to movie screens with the new Man of Steel teaser trailer. Now that all separates us from seeing a...

Man of Steel Cavill behind the scenes

Taking A Look At ‘Man of Steel’

We have some time to wait – approximately a year if you’re keeping track, before Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is released. So the line of live-action Superman’s will be...

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