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Guy Lombardo Mr New Years Eve orchestra

Hey, Remember – Guy Lombardo

For nearly fifty years orchestra leader Guy Lombardo rang in the new year with millions watching and listening. Long before Ryan Seacrest, Anderson Cooper and even Dick Clark, Guy Lombardo...

vintage postcard Las Vegas 1960s

Hey, Remember – Postcards

Once upon a time taking a trip and sending someone back home a postcard was such a popular thing. It was something almost required you would do while on a...

Christine McIntyre Three Stooges actress

Hey, Remember – Christine McIntyre

Any Stooge fan will recognize Christine McIntyre. Her name might not be familiar to them, but her striking looks, beautiful singing voice and classy demeanor instantly stands out amongst the zany...

Price Is Right Bakers Beauties

Hey, Remember – Barker’s Beauties

Back in the day before networks would dominate daytime programing with an endless barrage of talk shows (that now all seem to be made up of groups of people sitting...

Vanity Denise Matthews singer model actress

Hey, Remember – Vanity

She was a singer, an actress and one of the most gorgeous women in the 1980s. After having hooked up with Prince in the early 80’s he would decide to...

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