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Clockstoppers 2002 Nickelodeon kid movie

Clockstoppers (2002) – A Review

A very unique watch falls into the hands of teenage Zak (Jesse Bradford). It has this super cool ability to speed up the molecules of the wearers body. This basically means...

Harry and the Hendersons Bigfoot comedy

Harry and the Hendersons (1987) – A Review

An ordinary camping trip becomes the discovery of a lifetime when The Hendersons accidentally hit a Bigfoot! What would you do upon finding an eight-foot tall unconscious Bigfoot – well,...

Three Stooges legacy Moe Larry Curly

The Endurance of the Three Stooges

Last week the Decades Network was running three days Three Stooges programming. The reason for this marathon of all thing Stooge was to honor the 33rd anniversary of the Stooges...

Ghostbusters 1984 comedy classic logo title

Ghostbusters 1984 Kid Review

              As we arrive upon the release the Ghostbusters 2016 ‘reboot’, ‘remake’, ‘redo’, whatever they want to call it – we can expect to...

fun snack shapes

Fun Shapes!

I was enjoying a box of Cheese Nips the other day. But they weren’t just a plain ordinary box of Chesse Nips – they were Spider-Man Cheese Nips!!! Just the...

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