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Field of Dreams Father Son

A Solemn Father’s Day

My father died last year, so not surprisingly this Father’s Day rolls around with a heavy heart and lot’s of reflecting back on him. It’s not that I need a...

Vanity Denise Matthews singer model actress

Hey, Remember – Vanity

She was a singer, an actress and one of the most gorgeous women in the 1980s. After having hooked up with Prince in the early 80’s he would decide to...

Charlie Chaplin mirrors

Mirror, Mirror

Here’s a strange random thought I had this morning (what else is new?). Wouldn’t it be cool if mirrors saved all the images that were ever reflected in them? What...

thinking good old days

The Good Old Days

Everyone is always saying “remember the good old days”. It’s become this mantra. Things aren’t as good as they once were. Times have changed and not for the better. There’s...

Disney Mouse Ears


You ever notice when you go on vacation all the gift shops you see? There are gift shops everywhere. They usually have all the same kind of stuff that you...

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