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Bing Crosby White Christmas music album

Stop The Christmas Music!

After hearing Christmas music nonstop for a month, it’s kind of funny how abruptly it’s turned off the day after Christmas. There are a few radio stations by me that...

Bob Ross painting music video

The Bob Ross Remix Music Video

Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting Bob Ross painting happy little clouds on his canvas for PBS audiences. I’m always surprised at how many people remember Bob and his...

Weird Al Yankovic UHF

Why Weird Al Will Always Be Cool

“Weird Al” Yankovic I’ve been a Weird Al fan for pretty much my entire life and I still have yet to get tired of him. Just recently I attended one...

John Barry death

Composer John Barry Dies At Age 77

When one describes the sound of James Bond they usually mean John Barry. Barry the legendary composer who scored dozens of film died January 30th 2011. Barry’s talents made a...

John Lennon Mark David Chapman autograph signing

John Lennon, Mark David Chapman & An Autograph….

John Lennon signing Mark David Chapman’s album I was watching this documentary about Mark David Chapman and what possessed him to shoot John Lennon. It was pretty good. Chapman was...

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