Tagged: observations

Drivers singing in car

Watching Drivers Sing

One of the few random perks that your fellow drivers can provide you while out on the road is watching them awkwardly singing. You know the routine. You’re driving, a...

Lego popular toy

What Is With All This Lego Stuff?

With The Lego Movie about to be unleashed upon the world it got me to wondering about the world of Lego and how exactly these simple colored blocks morphed into...

Popcorn tins empty problem ideas

The Problem With Popcorn Tins

I seem to see these things at every store around Christmas time. It’s become one of those things everyone throws onto their shelves to lure desperate, last minute shoppers to...

Wheres George dollar bill hobby

I Found A ‘Where’s George’ Bill!

The mysterious George that happened into my wallet I was fishing in my wallet for a dollar bill to use recently. When I finally grabbed one I noticed a weird...

can Superman be cut lightsaber

Can Superman Be Cut By A Lightsaber?

It’s the age old ‘what if’ question that has stumped sci-fi and comic book fans for generations. It has led to heated debates, late night head scratching, endless theorizing and...

driver courtesy wave etiquette

The Art of the Courtesy Wave

Getting a courtesy wave from the Bandit is extremely flattering What’s so difficult about giving a friendly courtesy wave to your fellow driver to show acknowledgment and appreciation for a...

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