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Drivers singing in car

Watching Drivers Sing

The amusing diversion to do when driving of watching other drivers sing

Popcorn tins empty problem ideas

The Problem With Popcorn Tins

Popcorn tins can make a great convenient holiday gift for someone, but then have to come up with an idea of what they should do with the empty tin

Wheres George dollar bill hobby

I Found A ‘Where’s George’ Bill!

The strange hobby of Where’s George entered my life via a marked bill that made its way to my wallet, I’m learning it’s quite an interesting hobby

driver courtesy wave etiquette

The Art of the Courtesy Wave

The appreciative gesture of receiving a courtesy wave from other drivers should be a requirement, its a civil act that makes driving a bit less stressful

reporting on bad weather storms

Reporting On Bad Weather

Meteorologists must love to report on bad weather, they know people are tuning into the Weather Channel there’s excitement to give out reports

Super Storm Sandy destruction

Super Storm Sandy & The Fall Out

Super Storm Sandy left devastation along the east coast and now begins the process of rebuilding