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Curling PyeongChang Olympics 2018

Curling Returns To The 2018 Winter Olympics

The fun oddball sport Curling is back at the 2018 Olympics and fortunately once again, it’s getting airtime for viewers! Curling might be a popular sport in other countries, but...

21 Hours At Munich 1976 docudrama

21 Hours At Munich (1976) – A Review

21 Hours At Munich The 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany becomes a dramatic stage of life and death when Arab terrorist group Black September kill two innocent lives before...

badminton Olympic scandal

The 2012 London Olympics Badminton Scandal

I didn’t even realize badminton was an Olympic sport. Just those two words “Olympics” and “Badminton” next to each other caught my eye in the newspaper. Then you add the...

Daniel Craig Queen Elizabeth Olympics

James Bond, The Queen & The Olympics

007 escorting Queen Elizabeth to the Olympics To open the 2012 London Olympics in an epic way, the short
film Happy & Glorious showed our favorite 00 agent escorting Queen
Elizabeth to...