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Oscars In Memoriam

The 2017 Oscars & The In Memoriam Segment

Usually I do an uneducated, crap shoot of predictions for the Oscars every year. However, this year I’m skipping with that tradition trying to guess the winners. The main reason...

Shirley Bassey Goldfinger

2013 Post-Oscar Reactions & The Bond Tribute

Shirley Bassey representing 007 Before I get into talking about that big James Bond 50th Anniversary Tribute that the Oscars put on – that’s what I was excited for –...

Eddie Murphy Oscar host

The Oscars Will Be Murphy-Less!

Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner Hey I love movies, but am really not interested in the Oscars. Is that a mammoth contradiction? However, my ears certainly perked up with all...

Oscar predictions

The Oscars & Half-Ass Predictions

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock in Speed 2 It’s that time to honor the best films Hollywood has dished out to the world in the past year. Awarding the artistic merits...

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