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Spaceballs 1987 Mel Brooks Star Wars parody comedy cast

Spaceballs (1987) – A Review

Mel Brooks tackles Star Wars and a bunch of other sci-fi movies with Spaceballs. Planet Spaceball is almost out of fresh air and now President Skroob (Brooks) needs to get...

Fathom Raquel Welch

Fathom (1967) – A Review

Raquel filming Fathom’s credit sequence Raquel Welch was one hot lady. At her peak she would have to be ranked as one of the most gorgeous actresses around. If I...

Weird Al Yankovic UHF

Why Weird Al Will Always Be Cool

“Weird Al” Yankovic I’ve been a Weird Al fan for pretty much my entire life and I still have yet to get tired of him. Just recently I attended one...

Top Secret comedy movie

Top Secret! (1984) – A Review

Top Secret! Once upon a time parody movies weren’t the bottom of the cinema barrel. In fact, they were actually a great bet for some laughs! Yeah, it’s hard to...

Vampires Suck spoof movie

A Comedy To Die For – Vampires Suck

Yeah, they’re back with another spoof movie… In the closing weeks of one of the lamest summer movie seasons in recent memory,  it’s probably too optimistic to expect one, just...

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