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Whos Minding the Store 1963 Jerry Lewis Jill St John comedy

Who’s Minding The Store (1963) – A Review

Jerry Lewis lands a job at a department store. Chaos follows. Like most of Jerry movies it can be summed up with a simple description. Frequent Lewis director Frank Tashlin...

Kiss Them For Me Cary Grant 1957

Kiss Them For Me (1957) – A Review

Cary Grant, Jayne Mansfield and Suzy Parker in Kiss Them For Me Cary Grant’s career was packed with a whole slew of great films. Dramas, comedies, thrillers. He might be...

Private School 1983 poster logo

Private School (1983) – A Review

“I want you to know I like a lot of….whatchamacallit….foreplay.” [rubs her boob for a second] “Is that enough?” “I guess so.” This was a double-whammy with chicks….so to speak....

Popcorn 1991 horror movie

Popcorn (1991) – A Review

After enjoying huge success during the 1980s, the horror genre was running on fumes by the early 90s (until getting revived by Scream in 1996). 1991’s Popcorn was one of...

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