Tagged: snacks

Popcorn tins empty problem ideas

The Problem With Popcorn Tins

I seem to see these things at every store around Christmas time. It’s become one of those things everyone throws onto their shelves to lure desperate, last minute shoppers to...

fun snack shapes

Fun Shapes!

I was enjoying a box of Cheese Nips the other day. But they weren’t just a plain ordinary box of Chesse Nips – they were Spider-Man Cheese Nips!!! Just the...

Pringles potato chips


  I was desperate for some potato chips the other day and the only ones I had available were Pringles. These were the plain ones in the red container. I’m...

Vending machines pros and cons

Vending Machines

I have a love hate thing with vending machines. There are pros and cons with them, much like everything else. The biggest gamble is the thing taking your money and...

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