They’re OK

Sometimes I’ll watch a movie and it will hit a grey middle ground for me. It wasn’t one I was blown away by and not one that had me shaking my head the entire time. There was enough good in it that kept me entertained, but not enough to make me want to sound off the trumpets, rewatch it and recommend it.

Admittedly, I’m placing these movies in a very broad (and perhaps unfair in some cases)  definition by labeling them as ‘OK’ here. I’m not giving these movies a  complete pass, but I don’t want to just dismiss them. One might have just narrowly missed getting an enthusiastic declaration of ‘I Liked It’ from me, while others might have been able to just barely scrape by and avoid me saying ‘I Didn’t Like It’ – or even worse. They’re all mixed in here. This is just my lazy way of categorizing these movies with one word.

So simply these are movies I watched and they accomplished passing the time. Someone else might like or dislike these films more than me, but I’d just say they were ‘OK’.

Spaceballs (1987)

Spaceballs 1987 Mel Brooks Star Wars parody comedyMel Brooks tackles Star Wars and a bunch of other sci-fi movies with Spaceballs.

I went to see Spaceballs back when it first came out. I watched it and left mildly amused by it. It certainly wasn’t on the higher end of the list of Brooks’ comedies, or any of those other parody movies at the time. This was back when spoof movies were actually funny and well made, not like the garbage we see today that have bottomed out the entire genre.

Spaceballs had some fun gags, an amusing performance by Moranis, who is the real highlight out of the cast, and provided enough chuckles that made it adequate enough that I didn’t feel any ill will towards it. I wanted to love it, but it left me shrugging my shoulders and saying, ‘yeah it was alright’. READ MORE

Wildcats (1987)

Goldie Hawn Wildcats football comedy 1986Goldie Hawn has been raised on football. She knows all there is to know about the game and her dream has always been to coach. There’s a slight catch though – she’s a woman and no one takes her seriously.

She finally manages to land a coaching job, but it’s at the notorious inner city high school of Central High. Her rag-tag group of losing players are criminals and delinquents who don’t want her there. Through determination and persistence Goldie manages to earn her players trust and affection and actually manages to turn the team around and they start winning! Alright!

But she has to battle an ex-husband who thinks her new job is a detriment to her kids, a teen daughter who is feeling neglected and a rival coach who wants to humiliate her at the final playoff game. Goldie sure has her hands full.

Delirious (1991)

John Candy Emma Samms Mariel Hemingway Delirious 1991 comedyJohn Candy is Jack Gable, a New York writer for a successful soap opera. He has his hands full dealing with the shows producers and by actress Rachel Hedison (Emma Samms). She’s an arrogant, selfish actress who Jack is completely smitten with. Hoping that he’ll have a chance with her, Jack is willing to embarrass himself and pamper this soap diva anyway she desires.

Then one day Jack gets clonked on the head he awakens to find himself in Ashford Falls – the fictional soap opera town that he created! All the characters are there, their storylines are in place and the flat sets are now a reality.

It gets even better when Jack discovers he can control it all by typing any script on his typewriter and it all happens. Now Jack can write himself a primo role and make all his fantasies come true. This should be a lot of fun! Or it really should have been. READ MORE

Hooper (1978)

Burt Reynolds Hooper 1978 action comedy stunt man movieSonny Hooper (Burt Reynolds) is the top stuntman in the business. But age and years of injuries on his body are catching up to him. He’s keeping himself together with painkillers and the knowledge he’s a the first to get the call for the most dangerous stunts needed.

His girlfriend Gwen (Sally Field) wants him to stop his stuntman career. His pal Cully (James Best) wants him to stop. And mentor, former stuntman and Gwen’s father Jocko (Brian Keith) knows Sonny’s time in the limelight is nearing its end. This is reinforced with the arrival of younger, more audacious stuntman Ski (Jan-Michael Vincent) on the scene.

But Hooper wants to manage one last epic stunt before he hangs up his pads. The question is can he survive it. READ MORE

Chaplin (1992)

Robert Downey Jr as Charlie Chaplin 1992It’s an expansive docudrama that explores the extraordinary life of film legend and icon Charlie Chaplin played by Robert Downey Jr. .

The film covers seventy years of Chaplin’s life, from his poor childhood in the late 1800’s to his honorary Oscar at the 1972 Academy Awards. The film encompasses a whole lot: his political beliefs, his romances, his friendships, his family, the scandals, the criticisms he faced, his dedication to his work, his comedy genius, his fame, his expulsion from U.S. soil and the legacy he left behind.

Whew! And that’s the main problem with the movie. It’s an admirable effort, but it tries to bite off much more than it should have. Instead of presenting a more focused portrait of Chaplin, Richard Attenborough’s film becomes an expansive cursory glance at all the major events and people in Chaplin’s life. It’s fine if you’re looking for all the highlights of his life to be recounted and mostly breezed over, but it doesn’t create a portrait of him making me feel like I knew him any better than before I saw it. READ MORE

The Dream Team (1989)

The Dream Team 1989 comedy Keaton Furst Lloyd Boyle Four mental patients with different issues take a road trip from their NJ sanitarium to New York city to see a Yankee game. Their doctor Dr. Weitzman (Dennis Boutsikaris) feels getting out will do them some good so he loads Billy (Michael Keaton), Henry (Christopher Lloyd), Jack (Peter Boyle) and Albert (Stephen Furst) into a van and are headed for an outdoor therapy trip.

Weitzman’s plan gets thrown for a loop when he inadvertently stumbles into a crime by some corrupt cops, is rendered unconscious and is taken to the hospital – leaving his four patients out on their own and unsupervised in the big city. They now have to depend on each other to find their doctor, save his life, expose the bad guys and somehow survive the city. READ MORE

Sneakers (1992)

Sneakers Robert Redford 1992An eclectic group of security breakers get hired by the government to retrieve a very special item. Team leader Robert Redford accepts the deal and the gang plan the heist, execute it and make off with a very unique item.

However, they soon learn they’ve been duped! The government imposters snatch that item from their hands, Redford’s past and a distant old pal come bubbling back, the team looks guilty of crimes and everyones lives are threatened. The only way to clear their names and ensure the world is safe is to steal that all important item back! But with the security at its highest level can they manage doing it again? READ MORE