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Zapped! (1982) – A Review

09/20/2012 HapStuff 0

A smart high school students ones up with telekinetic powers! What better way to use this gift than make girls shirt pop open! It’s the 1982 teen/sex/comedy Zapped! starring Scott Baio, Willie Aames and Heather Thomas

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Private Lessons (1981) – A Review

09/15/2012 HapStuff 2

The story of a young teenager who begins an affair with thirty-something maid. It’s the controversial 1981 sex comedy Private Lessons starring Sylvia Kristal and Eric Brown.

Moon Landing Fake Conspiracy Apollo space

The Moon Landing – FAKED???

09/06/2012 HapStuff 2

Conspiracy theories are rampant – among some – that the historic moon landing was all just a faked hoax, can there be any truth to these wild claims?