Candid Camera TV Land Peter Funt Mayim Bialik

The Return of Candid Camera

09/24/2014 HapStuff 2

The late Allen Funt’s beloved old hidden camera show Candid Camera makes a return to TV Land hosted by Peter Funt and Mayim Bialik, it’s not a great return

China Syndrome Jack Lemmon Jane Fonda Michael Douglas

The China Syndrome (1979)

09/22/2014 HapStuff 9

A review of the 1979 drama The China Syndrome about the threat of a meltdown at a nuclear power plant starring Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas

cheaters in central park

A Cheaters Behavior

09/08/2014 HapStuff 4

A cheating husband’s behavior becomes out of control as he builds lie upon ridiculous lie to protect his relationship with his mistress