My Tutor 1983 movie teen sex comedy review

My Tutor (1983) – A Review

02/27/2018 HapStuff 1

A high school virgin gets his own personal French tutor – who happens to be gorgeous! Do you think he’ll learn more than just French from her? It’s the 1983 teen/sex/comedy My Tutor starring Caren Kaye, Matt Lattanzi, Kevin McCarthy, Kitten Natividad and Crispin Glover.

Wagons East 1994 John Candy Richard Lewis western comedy

Wagons East (1994) – A Review

02/19/2018 HapStuff 0

A review of the 1994 western comedy Wagons East starring John Candy, Richard Lewis, Robert Picardo, John C. McGinley and Ellen Greene. This was the movie Candy sadly died while filming

Deadbeat Dad Cheating Husband

The Mistress Is Pregnant

02/18/2018 HapStuff 1

A cheating husband has left his wife and sons to marry his mistress. He has neglected his responsibilities towards his children and battled with his ex-wife. Now with his mistress-wife pregnant will things get better or worse for his sons?

Curling PyeongChang Olympics 2018

Curling Returns To The 2018 Winter Olympics

02/10/2018 HapStuff 0

The sport of Curling is back at the Winter Olympic games. The strange sport will once again attract a niche of U.S. fans that will watch, but it’s not likely it will ever become as beloved a game here as it is in other countries

Natalie Wood boat death drowning mystery

The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

02/02/2018 HapStuff 0

Thirty-seven years after the mysterious death of Natalie Wood the case has been reopened and her husband Robert Wagner has been named ‘a person of interest’ by investigators. Can anything new be learned all these years later?