A Justice League Movie – Will It Ever Happen?


Now that big superhero team-up movies are all the rage thanks to The Avengers, will fans ever DC Comics Justice League hit movie screens?

Justice League movie DC Comics

Since Marvel’s The Avengers film has become a gigantic worldwide smash hit, has sold I’m assuming boatloads of toys, will most likely be a huge success on DVD and will have fans talking about the planned sequel until it’s released in 2015, comic fans have been wondering – will we ever see a Justice League movie from DC?

It’s not a very original question. It seems any blogger who simply likes movies has been pondering it. News outlets have latched onto this ongoing story following any meager rumor that comes up.

Naturally this has been one of thetopics comic fans have been discussing as well, especially since the popularity of The Avengers has helped prove that a Justice League movie could potentially be just as big of a hit. Seeing mega-heroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman leading the charge of DC’s famous team would surely get attention. So what’s the hold up?

I was talking with my friend who is a comic book fan of the hardcore breed. He, like many fans are anxious to see The League on the big screen – if done right. The Avengers proved that a gigantic superhero team-up film can work. Each character can be given their own moment to shine, the dynamics of them interacting with each other can be as much fun to watch as them saving the world.

The Avengers 2012 cast Marvel superheroesMarvel took their time grooming the individual characters in their own solo films. Other characters were introduced in smaller roles in the films. Hints were gradually dropped in and a buildup towards a shared universe the all existed in – The Marvel Universe. After all the excitement and anticipation of seeing all these heroes sharing one screen The Avengers ended up being a satisfying flick.

This blueprint doesn’t seem like one that DC would likely follow. For one, the amount of time it would take. I don’t think DC would be willing to invest the time that it would need to introduce each character and build to an anticipated joining of all the individual characters.

Other than Batman and Superman who have carried their own solo successful films, no other DC characters have. The abysmal attempt Green Lantern was an embarrassment. A Wonder Woman film seems to always be in a constant stasis of ‘being planned’. Green Arrow managed to score with his TV show on CW.

I find it somewhat amusing that DC had Joss Whedon writing and ready to direct a Wonder Woman film, only for them to veto his ideas. Whedon left the project and went onto direct….The Avengers. I would imagine DC might feel pretty stupid in letting him go.

Movie screens seems to be pretty bare when it comes to DC characters. So why bother with any of that waiting and just jump into a big team-up adventure.

Justice League DC Comics superhero MovieOne point my comic friend had said was that this idea of just jumping right into it could work for Justice League. The anchor points to the team can be Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. General audiences are already familiar with these three heroes. Most likely if you were to ask an average joe, non-geek person to name three superheroes at least one or two of these big DC three would be named.

Those solo Marvel films were necessary for the Marvel characters. Most of them were not very well known to general audiences. The Hulk and Captain America were probably the two that folks were most familiar with, but the rest of them it really helped to establish in their own films.

Even Iron Man, who has since become one of the most popular superheroes – my nephew loves him – a lot of people thought he was just a robot before the character starred in his own film.

So DC could use the ‘Big Three’ as the way to draw the audience into the story, make them the leaders of the group and introduce the secondary characters around them – Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, whoever they would want to form the rest of the cinematic League.

One of the issues I’ve read about is that these DC characters are simply not as accessible as Marvel’s. The Justice League is made up of God-like beings with extraordinary superpowers, while The Avengers are more conflicted and flawed characters that we can identify with – along with them having an actual God on the team by the way.

They’re mainly a collection of second string superheroes (to the general public). I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone say, they should have Spider-Man join in the next Avengers film. Spidey everyone knows!

DC Justice League superhero team charactersJustice League consists of the big three – Supes, Bats, and Wonder Woman who are each superhero icons. Could the characters’ rich individual histories and popularity actually be a detriment in seeing them as just another member of a team? Batman and Superman can carry their own films, demands for a Wonder Woman movie have been kicking for years. Would audiences be disappointed in seeing them have to share screen time with The Atom???

This is an interesting point, but I don’t think it should completely negate Justice League out of the running. If done well and the story can strike the right balancing act between the characters, Justice League could be a success.

Every group/team movie face this same problem. The Magnificent Seven, The Dirty Dozen,…The Bad News Bears. They all told the story of an eclectic group coming together, forced to work together and overcome a problem. That’s the fun in watching the story, watching the characters interact.

Sure, the filmmakers might be tempted to give Batman more screen time, but they have to remember to allow all the other Justice League members their an important part of this adventure. Don’t just include them to sell action figures.

Now that Marvel succeeded with the The Avengers, churning out hit after hit with superhero films, planning sequels, new characters getting their big-screen adventures and reaping vast revenue thanks to their comic book characters adventures on film, it has really put the heat on DC to get their ball rolling.

DC Comics Justice League superhero teamThere clearly is untapped money to be made with DC’s collection of characters that for the most part have all just been growing cobwebs, other than Batman and Superman. It seems everyday we’ve heard a new rumor or speculation about a Justice League movie.

The latest news is that Warner Brothers is preparing a real Justice League movie for 2015. The new Superman film Man of Steel in 2013 will be the start of a rebooted Superman who will then join the cast of Justice League, alongside a new Batman and the first ever film version of Wonder Woman.

After Justice League saves the world, the characters will continue their own adventures in solo films in a shared universe. As I had said, other than Superman, the heroes would skip their own introduction films and jump right into the League.

Will this actually happen? I’m sure fans will be listening for any developments on JLA news. Whether it becomes a reality or not The Avengers 2 is due for release in 2015.

3 thoughts on “A Justice League Movie – Will It Ever Happen?

  1. OK, I could go on for hours about why this will not happen in my lifetime. Marvel had the foresight to use the money they got from Sony and other big companies for the rights to make Spiderman and the Hulk (I think The Fantastic Four as well). They started their own production company then teamed with Disney for unlimited funds. DC teamed with Warner quite some time ago and can’t seem to get anything other than Batman and cartoon movies right. (Well semi right.)
    I just think it’s a management problem at DC they really can’t even get their comic stories in line. A movie would be easy if they just looked at the source material and didn’t fool too much with it. But Spiderman 3 proved that even when you’re doing something successfully it can get fiddled with. (And ruined)
    Anyhow Man of Steel will give us some idea where DC is but I don’t have much if any hope for that movie. The whole let’s make Superman into super powered Batman does not excite me. If the Dark Knight Rises is any indication of their direction then they might as well just wait for Skyfall and steal the story. Because that sure looked a lot like Thunderball and Never Say Never Again mixed together with Batman as James Bond.
    I hope they shock me and get it together because it would be fun to watch. Keep in mind this is the same brain trust that failed at making a Wonder Woman television show (something that was already done successfully) and came up with “Arrow” Wha….. Let me stop I’m giving myself a migraine.

    1. Hey. I watch Arrow. I don’t see what’s wrong with it. But maybe I shouldn’t talk because I don’t read the comics… Can you suggest some good Arrow comics, please? Much appreciated.

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