About Me

My name is John Clark, I live in NJ and am a lifelong movie lover. I think the genesis of my passion for movies came from watching endless hours of cable television when I was little. Thanks to those young molding years siting in front of the tube I discovered James Bond, cheesy Cannon action films and raunchy teen sex comedies.

I’ve always had creative outlets throughout my life, whether it be drawing, writing or attempting to make our own epic sci-fi and horror movies with friends on cumbersome VHS cameras.

HaphazardStuff came about around in 2008. My HaphazardStuff Youtube channel has become my platform for creating video projects. I’ve always had a passion and enthusiasm for video editing, along with my love of movies, I began to create a hodge podge catalog of videos.

There have been some constants with my work. I roughly began a series about the films of James Bond, superheroes and one I’ve dubbed ‘Remake Recon’, where I compare an original film to its latter remake. These have become ongoing series which I continually revisit.

Aside from my edited projects, I’ve also enjoyed writing movie reviews, sharing my opinions and thoughts about them (and sporadically anything I feel about at any given time – this is called ‘Haphazard Stuff’ afterall).– which is where my blog comes in. One of the great satisfactions is introducing someone to a movie they might never had seen and them actually liking it.

Again, with my blog there are some regular topics I revisit and explore –
‘1980’s Teen Sex Comedies’ – a look at the once popular film genre that millions of adolescents absorbed throughout the 1980’s.
‘Movie Clichés’ – a look at those reliable tropes and clichés film fans have become too familiar with.
‘Hey, Remember…’ a nostalgic look at things from the past.

These have all become subjects I return to and have been ongoing through the years.

There was no grand plan when I began my journey with HaphazardStuff. At the time I just thought it would be something fun to do and maybe have a few friends watch and read my stuff. Since then things have unexpectedly grown to a degree with viewers, readers, followers and more attention that I ever anticipated to receive.

Many thanks to all those who have taken an interest in my projects and hearing what ‘Haphazard Stuff’ has to say.