Bond 26 Teaser Trailer Starring Daniel Craig


A teaser trailer for Bond 26 starring Daniel Craig. Despite No Time To Die looking like it was the conclusion to Craig’s James Bond, Bond 26 is the surprising final chapter for 007.


Now that No Time To Die has come and gone, James Bond fans have been looking ahead to the future of the series and the inevitable news that will come of the details for the next 007 film, which at the moment is only known as Bond 26.

This is the traditional cycle that occurs with each subsequent Bond film. Typically, the newest film comes out, fans go see it, they discuss it, time passes and the anticipation of the next Bond film eventually starts to brew. After poring over rumors and speculation, finally Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson release some official news, a press event is held with the cast, the title of the film is revealed, filming commences, a release date is set and the next Bond film hits theaters.

However, this time that Bond gap between films is somewhat different than anything that’s come before in the series history.

Daniel-Craig-No-Time-To-Die-premiere-red-jacketDaniel Craig has bid adieu to the role of Bond in No Time To Die. This is nothing new. The Bond actors that preceded him all inevitably departed the series at some point. In some cases fans knew those particular films would be the actors final appearance playing the secret agent. It was announced long before A View To A Kill was released it was going to be Roger Moore’s swan song as 007.

Other times actors left their Bond while still sitting backstage and their departures came as somewhat a surprise. Pierce Brosnan anticipated doing a fifth Bond film before he got the phone call informing him his services were no longer required. The news was a surprise to fans and to him that he was done. Timothy Dalton quietly stepped away from the role as years of delays hindered him jumping into his third Bond film.

So, Craig announcing No Time To Die would be the last time he would play James Bond was really nothing unusual. Everyone knew the day of his departure would come. And sure, Craig’s tenure playing James Bond is the longest in the series’ history. Yet, the one thing about the current Bond situation that makes its unique from anything that has come before is that he and the Bond producers would leave 007 incinerated and dead on an island.

The character was killed before fans eyes, a decision that has been discussed and debated since the film premiered and will continue to be a hot topic….well most likely forever!

The series has never been left in a state with not so much Bond fans, but casual moviegoers, who continue to be somewhat confused as to how the Bond series can continue after they killed off its lead hero. 

No-Time-To-Die-2021-Daniel-Craig-James-Bond-ending-death-sceneIn reality, it’s really not that complicated a solution. They will simply ‘reboot’ the series with a new Bond actor, send him on a new adventure and ignore all the story and events that Craig ran through in his five films. 

Yet, I’m still somewhat surprised at how many moviegoers continue to comment, question and can’t see how the series will move forward after the end of No Time To Die and don’t understand that the Bond slate will be wiped clean. That’s how Craig’s films started. It was a completely removed set of films from the previous ones. That’s how it will likely go with Bond 26.

Remember, when you were little and playing a game. You goofed up tossing the ball or something and you’d yell “DO OVER!”? That’s what Bond 26 will be.

No Time To Die James Bond movie poster Daniel Craig NovemberIt kind of makes me scratch my head as to how so many movie fans (just casual moviegoers I have to point out) don’t understand that Craig had an isolated Bond storyline that ran through (supposedly) his five films. There was no connections to what came before. His films were its own entity. I thought it’s relatively a straight forward concept.

Beginning with Casino Royale and ending with No Time To Die, it was a closed off Bond story that was confined with Craig’s tenure. Whether it was satisfying, a good idea or worked well is sits on the debate table amongst fans to discuss, alongside killing off ‘007’.

Maybe it’s because the series had never done something as dramatic as killing off Bond before that it continues to leave so many people befuddled as to how it proceeds forward. Eon will just start all fresh and open up a new storyline with a new Bond actor and new stories. They’ll cut ties with everything that happened with Craig and make a new 007 series of films separated from all that death, daughters and brothers we’ve seen.

I figure, as long as Eon manage to make Bond 26 a terrific entertaining film, all those who remain puzzled and still haven’t grasped the idea of ‘rebooting’ and are still questioning ‘what about Craig’s Bond dying?’, will all be cleared up and forgotten and they’ll get onboard with the new era of the Bond series.

Michael-G-Wilson-Barbara-Broccoli-Daniel-Craig-2022Before any of that happens, fans have been waiting for some kind of official news of what the next era of Bond films will be, but so far Broccoli and Wilson haven’t had really anything to say about it.

Broccoli has commented about the commitment the new Bond actor will be faced with and when fans might see James Bond return. “The thing is, it’s going to be a couple of years off. And when we cast Bond, it’s a 10-, 12-year commitment. Not everybody wants to do that. It was hard enough getting [Daniel Craig to do it].” And Wilson added, “And he was in his early 30s at the time!” 

Barbara-Broccoli-2023-Bond-26Broccoli said, “A lot of people think, ‘Oh yeah, it’d be fun to do one. Well. That ain’t gonna work.”

“That’s why, when people go, ‘Oh, who are you going to get?’ it’s not just about casting an actor for a film. It’s about a reinvention, and ‘Where are we taking it? What do we want to do with the character?’” says Broccoli. “And then, once we figure that out, who’s the right person for that particular reinvention? “It’s an evolution. Bond is evolving just as men are evolving. I don’t know who’s evolving at a faster pace.”

There’s really not much news of regarding the status of Bond at the moment. Unlike her father Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli, who was adamant to keep the Bond series running like a clock, Barbara appears to be taking her time with the next steps the films will venture towards. When a Bond actor was hesitant to resign for another film, Cubby wouldn’t hesitate to audition new candidates. Barbara on the other hand, seems to have had such a close connection with Craig and the Bond films they did together, she doesn’t want to rush into casting the next actor. They appear to be very slowly breaking away from each and at some point Eon will be ready to move on.

It could very well be Broccoli and Wilson have a clearer idea of what they want the next run of films will be than what they’re saying publicly at the moment, but they’re keeping it close to their chests for now and not indicating what that might be. Heck, they might already have actors in mind they believe could work as the next 007. But they’re not telling us yet.

The lack of any real news leaves fans chewing over actor rumors, random soundbites and unsourced leaks to feed their appetite for some kind updates and news on the state of Bond. There’s a lot of questions that are being discussed. 

Idris-Elba-Daniel-Craig-James-Bond-Golden-Globes-tweetHow will the series follow the tone of Craig’s personal and gritty, interconnected (supposedly) story of films? Will they go for a lighter tone than what Craig had done? Will it again be an interconnected story told over the course of several films?

Christopher Nolan says he’d be interested in directing a Bond film, are they going to have a meeting with him? Hey, maybe Phoebe Waller Bridge or Greta Gerwig will be the first female director for the franchise. Has the Mission: Impossible films been the more entertaining spy movie series recently? Here’s a roster of actors who could play 007 – but will they? Did you hear Idris Elba will be the next Bond – no he won’t, but that’s a rumor, that unlike Bond, doesn’t seem like it will ever die. 

Basically – there’s no official Bond news regarding any next steps the series is going to take. So, fans are just left wondering and entertaining any sort of random clickbait tidbits and rumors until some kind of legitimate news from Eon is released.

Which brings me to ‘The Bond 26 Teaser Trailer’. A video of the imaginary ‘next Bond film’ that would see the return of Daniel Craig as 007. Much like Barbara Broccoli not seeming to want to let go of Craig, ‘this Bond 26’ would offer him one final Bond adventure. It’s also a concept that could remedy the controversial ending of No Time To Die and give those who were disappointed with Bond’s demise, a more satisfying departure for Craig’s 007.  

This is the stuff that fans will do to entertain themselves until there’s some hard, confirmed, official news by Eon of the next steps that are being taken for the real Bond 26. We’re still waiting to hear what that might be.

Until then, enjoy my version of Daniel Craig’s return and this version of Bond 26 that is coming soon to theaters!  

Well, not really, but it’s just a ‘Haphazard’ idea. 

2 thoughts on “Bond 26 Teaser Trailer Starring Daniel Craig

  1. Love it and so hope this is a precursor to your (expectedly) epic Craig Reconstruction reviews of both Spectre and No Time to Die. Seriously, my life won’t be complete without them lol

  2. For me, Bond died in 2004. He will be reborn when they can get a guy as good as Connery, Moore or even Dalton to do it, rather than the dislikeable imposter that Craig’s one was. And if they want to change his race or sex, forget it. Time to get back to the basics and make Bond films lighter and more entertaining for the whole family to enjoy.

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