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Bob Ross painting music video

The Bob Ross Remix Music Video

Late painting and TV host Bob Ross is the focus of a viral video where his talents and catch phrases have been made into a music video

Wile Coyote help sign

Good Deeds & The Art of Appreciation

Doing a good deed for someone should ideally be followed by them thanking you and appreciating it, it feels pretty lousy when it isn’t

trouble sleeping

Trouble Sleeping?

What you should do if you have trouble sleeping, try to make the most out of this opportunity

Cinematic Titanic Mystery Science Theater 300 live show

Taking A Voyage On Cinematic Titanic

The Mystery Science 3000 cast and writers are doing a live show where they goof on bad movies called Cinematic Titanic, I was lucky enough to see it

Judgment Day date

Judgment Day Delayed!

The prediction that Judgment Day would arrive on May 21, 2011 has come and gone, so when will the Apocalypse take place

Charlie Chaplin mirrors

Mirror, Mirror

The mysterious, mystical, deep thought provoking powers mirrors contain

MapQuest screen

An Experiment With MapQuest

MapQuest can be a handy tool for traveling, but can it also provide more philosophical information for your life

fun snack shapes

Fun Shapes!

Snack crackers are coming in all sorts of fun shapes and they’re so much better than boring squares