A Cheater and A Mistress’ Attitude


A cheating husband and his mistress have a callous and selfish attitude, they don’t care who they hurt, they only care about themselves

Husband mistress becomes girlfriend

My account detailing the actions of a cheating husband and his shallow, conceited mistress and all the nonsense, drama and irrational behavior they are forcing onto a betrayed wife and two innocent children continues:

Despite the mistress declaring she was NOT going to get involved in the martial discord that erupted between the cheating husband and the wife – even though it is kinda warped reasoning, considering she was allowing the married man she was sleeping with to secretly stay with her. So in a sense she was assisting the cheating husband in his betrayal to his family.

Perhaps she wasn’t holding a gun to his head, but she certainly wasn’t saying, “Leave and sort this thing out with your wife, I don’t want to get involved”. It seemed like she was most likely saying to him, “Oh your wife and kids are wondering where you are? Hmm…oh well. So where do you want to take me out to dinner tonight?”.

But I guess some people’s attitude is if they simply tell themselves something and act and pretend to be very committed to that statement even momentarily, ie. ‘I’m staying out of this, I have nothing to do with it, that’s between you two” – they try to convince themselves to believe they’re following that declaration, even if all their actions completely contradict that initial statement. It’s very irrational thinking, but people love to fool themselves into believing they’re nice people doing the right thing when they’re clearly not.

Mistress cheater adultry thoughts rationalization perspectiveIt didn’t take long for the mistress to try inserting herself into the two sons lives. Unfortunately, despite the cheating husband thinking that everything would be normal as could be and the sons would accept her with open arms, it was the opposite. They saw nothing positive about her.

They would now see their father on sporadic occasions and always the mistress was riding shotgun and would suddenly be part of the two sons limited time they got to see their father. It was confusing enough for the two sons to try to understand why ‘Daddy’ was no longer living with them, but then to see this strange woman with him all the time and being forced to spend time with her certainly added to the difficulty of understanding what was happening in their young lives.

Gradually her presence and her original stance of ‘staying out of the situation between the husband and wife’ fell further by the wayside. It appeared she felt a strong desire to insert herself into every situation between the husband, the wife and their children and express her opinion loud and clear.

On one occasion the mistress told the eight-year-old son point blank, ‘your mother is mean’. To anyone with an ounce of common sense this would seem enormously inappropriate to say to an eight-year-old.

Even if the mistress had problems with the wife and she didn’t like how the wife was angered when she discovered this mistress was sleeping with her husband. Why would the wife overreact in this way??? Or feeling the wife was out of line placing the blame over the mistress’ participation of the pain that was being caused to her and her family. It wasn’t like the mistress could take all the blame on that right? The husband was guilty too – don’t blame it all on her!

hand of young girl shows fist. Isolated on white backgroundEven setting that all aside – how depraved an action it is to use the children in her battle with the wife and to say such a thing to the innocent child.

But breaking from her vow to stay out of it the mistress didn’t hold back her feelings about the wife to her children and attempted to poison the children’s minds that their mother ‘is mean’.

Well, fortunately kids are much smarter than adults give them credit for. Plus, they have a better understanding of ‘what’s right and what’s wrong’ than a lot of adults! And that eight-year-old did not like what this mistress was saying about his mother. Not-one-little-bit.

When he got home he told his mother what this mistress said about her. He explained how he wanted to hit the mistress for saying such an awful thing about his mommy, but he held back knowing that if he did hit her ‘Daddy would put me in timeout’.

Yep, even the eight-year-old little boy knew that Daddy would stand by his mistress under these circumstances. Even if his supposedly grown up, mature, adult of a mistress would say something so wrong to his son he would punish his child for having such a negative reaction to whatever she might say.

I suppose the cheating husband’s mind was so warped at this point he saw his mistress as an angel of an individual who could never do anything wrong. His eight-year-old son was wrong for wanting to hit her for saying something so negative about his mother to him. I guess if the mistress took a crap in the middle of the floor the cheating husband would proclaim it a treasure to the world and would go about having it bronzed for posterity.

The wife took the high ground and didn’t make an issue out of the mistress’ comments about her.

One might think after awhile that little boy would forget all about that comment the mistress made and his attention would go to something else. But that’s another funny thing about little kids – they don’t forget. At least with things like that. After a week or two he went up to his mother and asked her if he could send a text to the mistress.

Mistress Text Message“Why do you want to text her?”, the mother asked.

“I want to send her a message”, the son answered.

The mother perplexed asked, “What kind of message do you want to send her?”

Without hesitation her son replied, “To tell her she’s an asshole.”

Clearly that comment left a lasting impression on that little boy. Kids have such a simple form of logic. The son explained that he couldn’t give this message to the mistress in person because his Daddy would get mad and put him in timeout. However, if he just texted the mistress his feelings about her then there would be no repercussions. Wouldn’t that be great if that’s how the world worked!

The mother didn’t allow her son to send that message, so we’re left wondering what the fallout of that would have been. The son still wants to convey that message to the mistress somehow though. Maybe a nicely composed letter would work and avoid a session of being in ‘timeout’.

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