The Fallout From The Husband & Mistress On The Children


The cheating husband has married his mistress and introduces her into his children’s lives, things don’t go smoothly for this new life they are forced into

Hansel Gretal witch stepmother mistress children

The husband would start to begin his live with his mistress wife. However, he would quickly discover things wouldn’t be the idealized dreamlike state he imagined when he made the decision to leave his wife and children for this younger woman. Despite the declarations of him stating – “I won’t make the children pay for my mistakes”, they would in fact pay an awful price for what he had done.

His two sons lives would be turned upside down. The mistress wife would begin inserting herself into their lives, which wasn’t welcomed by either of them. The hope might have been the boys accepting his mistress wife as new member of the family, she would in fact be viewed by them as an intrusive, unfriendly body who they were now forced to spend time with.

Both big and small, incidents and remarks would start to pile up throughout the year between the two boys and this bubble-headed, unfriendly, home-wrecking alien presence their father were making them deal with. She would also alter their fathers priorities in such a way that many around him would view his behavior as completely irrational, selfish and uncaring.

It began almost immediately as the boys were informed by their father he had purchased a new house with his mistress wife. They were told they would have their own room and to prepare to bring whatever toys they wanted to keep there. Their father’s weekend arrived (they would only see their father every other weekend and Wednesdays). The two boys had packed their toys and were ready to set them up in their new bedroom. Into their Dad’s car they went and drove off to see this new home.

Boys Toy BoxThe weekend came to an end and they came back home to their mother. The younger 8-year-old was carrying all his toys back up to his real bedroom. When asked why he had brought them back home he replied, “I am not going to keep my stuff there.

Obviously, the appetizing promise of a new bedroom at Daddy’s house sounded better than whatever reality that was splashed into his face.

The Mistress Wife would not ingratiate herself well into the children’s lives. When it was the father’s responsibility to take his sons to their sports activities there would consistently be drama.

In one instance, the Mistress Wife was simply tasked with preparing her new step-children for a soccer game. Apparently it didn’t go well. When the 9-yr-old returned home he told his mother the Mistress Step-Mother, “acted like a selfish bitch. She didn’t give us suntan lotion and didn’t help get our clothes ready”.

I am not paraphrasing here. The son did indeed describe his new step-mother as a “selfish bitch”.

The Mistress Wife might have been good putting on a positive face to her friends about her relationship with new step-children. Describing how much she loved them and they her, that they had such a wonderful, loving relationship. She must have loved posting photos of them on social media with an aura that they were all so happy to be part of each others lives. But the reality was much different than that charade she wanted others to believe.

At one point she attempted to go to Meet Teacher Night and was told by the school administrators that she could not attend due to a restraining order that was in place. She was not allowed to come within a certain distance from the wife. This was due to multiple incidents of harassment she inflicted on the children’s mother.

The Mistress Wife would now complain about this restraining order and be adamant that she should be allowed to participate in all her step-children’s school activities. This would snowball into court motions and hearings for her to get the right to attend any of the school activities their mother might would be at. Surely, she wouldn’t verbally assault their mother anymore like she had done in the past.

Dog ate homeworkThis was all somewhat ironic, based on the little interest she would have for them from what the children would describe. Plus, the fact it was a consistent pattern that after staying at their fathers house for the weekend their school work they would be assigned for the weekend would never be done.

It didn’t seem like this was an aspect in their lives that was something any of their guardians at their new second home took much interest in. It was suspected this was more about tormenting the mother than any genuine interest or care the Mistress Wife had towards the children. And the father, who had now turned into a full-blown sheep with whatever his Mistress wife desired, would go along with anything she said.

Even more minor school activities were ignored.

It was Hat Day at school. So every child was meant to wear a hat for the day. Simple enough, right?

Apparently not for their father. After completing their weekend visit with their father, the 8-year-old was dropped off at school by their father and no hat was provided to him. The son was upset. Luckily, his mother was made aware of this oversight and scrambled to get her son a hat to wear for the day. She drove to another parents house with a hat. This other mother said she would give it to her son in the morning when she was dropping her own children off at the school.

Boy wearing propeller hatRight before school was to begin the 8-year-old was given his hat to wear for Hat Day. Every single child at the school was wearing a hat that day.

IF it was left up to the father and his son had to rely on him, his son would have been the only kid at school without a hat for Hat Day. But why would that bother the father. That wasn’t his job to be responsible for things like that. Besides, he did make that promise the children wouldn’t pay for his mistakes. Just saying the promise is enough isn’t it?

The older 9-year-old wouldn’t be left out of the Neglect Department. His travel soccer activities became less of a fun activity for him and more a catalyst for drama between everyone.

Travel Soccer would be a reoccurring problem that would arise. The father desperately wanted his oldest son to do it, yet Daddy was only willing to put the least amount of work into it that he could.

His father would make promises to his son that he would take him to his travel soccer games, despite the chaotic schedule that it has. Both the sons have gotten wise and cynical towards their father. They began to become fully aware of the difference between what their daddy tells them and what he actually does.

More often than not, their father did not keep his promise of taking his son to his soccer games. It’s almost pointless to have signed the child up for it if it was that much of an inconvenience for him. It didn’t seem like he was willing to do anything other than pay a portion of their sports activities. Any time, work or effort on his part were just included with the check he would write.

Their mother would get random harassing texts from their father stating things like, – “You did NOT provide his soccer socks. Also, none of their stuff is washed”

Daddy's Promise MeaninglessRegardless of the two children spending the weekend with their father, he being the one who signed them up for these activities and he being the one who took the responsibility to take them to their games, he would always attempt to find a way to do the absolute bare minimum when it came to his sons.

Once again, a promise is made with his father telling his son he will take him to his game this time. Promise! The son tells his Daddy that if he fails to keep his promise again and doesn’t take him to his soccer game he should give him twenty dollars. The Dad agrees. I guess at the moment he felt like he could deliver on this promise.

Shockingly the son did make it to his game, but not with his Daddy accompanying him. The father called up another parent and asked if he could pick up his son, take him to his game and bring him home.

So, the son technically made it to his game, but not any thanks to his father. Did his father lose the bet pawning off his responsibility to another parent? The son said he wouldn’t tell his Daddy to pay up, but if this happens again the next time he would.

This became the routine for the sons travel soccer. His father would have other parents bring his son to the games, they would sit there and watch the games and then bring the son home. This would be the solution to the problem.

At one point another parent whose own child was sick and couldn’t attend travel soccer for the day had already agreed to take responsibility to take the overlooked son to his game. This parent kept their promise and was forced to pick up and bring the father’s son to the game while his own child remained home. So, the son got to play that day. No telling where his father was all that time. Quite an embarrassing situation.

I think eventually the son forgot about the twenty dollar bet. The father would be owing some hefty interest on that one.

Bored thanksgiving holiday kid childrenThe Thanksgiving holiday arrived and the sons were scheduled to spend it with the father. Their father and his mistress wife don’t seem to understand that these two young boys don’t find it fun to sit in a roomful of grownups for the holidays. The Mistress Wife doesn’t like any nonsense being done in her house which is filled with all her non-kid-friendly things.

Nothing is ever done to make the occasion special or fun for them. They’re almost viewed as an afterthought. Just a pair of pets that shouldn’t get in the way of the festivities. The two sons are forced to sit at a dinner surrounded by the mistress’ friends as all the adults drink and chat.

By the end of the Thanksgiving weekend they are desperate to leave. They make a pleading call to their mother asking her if she can come get them. The sooner the better is their clear message

Their request is granted. They explain how awful the holiday was. Offhandedly the mother comments, “Gee, maybe one day you’ll hate going there altogether.” To which the eight-year-old replied, “Mommy, that already happened a year ago.

This becomes the norm for all their visits to their father and his Mistress Wife. Every two weeks their weekend sentence arrives and they must goto their house and endure it. These visits are meant for them to spend quality time with their father, but that becomes a rarity.

This was also the situation when Spring Break arrived. The sons would have a full week with their Daddy. Well, that’s what it says on paper. What ended up happening is that their father was too busy to spend the week with them, so he dropped them off at his mothers and there they spent the weeks time. A full week with their grandmother.

plane taking offThey did say they saw their father for one day. One day out of a full week that was meant to be their time with him. They didn’t have many positive things to say about their spring break vacation, only that they would have rather stayed home.

Oh, and after they did return home and they were back with their mother, their father took a vacation out of the country with his mistress wife. It’s clear who his priority to make happy is.

No, he’s not making his children pay for his mistakes at all.

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