Fun Shapes!


Snack crackers are coming in all sorts of fun shapes and they’re so much better than boring squares

fun snack shapes

I was enjoying a box of Cheese Nips the other day. But they weren’t just a plain ordinary box of Chesse Nips – they were Spider-Man Cheese Nips!!!

Just the sound of that makes the Cheese Nips more fun, doesn’t it?

It’s much more enjoyable munching on a Cheese Nip in the shape of a spider, a web or Spider-Man’s head than just a plain, dull square shape.

Maybe that’s why animal crackers are still popular. There’s really nothing to them. They’re not that tasty. The only selling point to them are the shapes!

Perhaps all the complaints about how Americans eat so unhealthy could be solved by making all the healthy food into fun shapes. It could be that simple! I would be more tempted to eat vitamin filled veggies and fruits if they came in the shape of airplanes, cars, animals and cartoon characters. They can make all the healthy food fun!

It could work. Like the same theory as to why kids are more willing to take their vitamins if they’re shaped like the Flintstones.

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