James Bond In A Dress!


In honor of International Woman’s Day Daniel Craig as James Bond wears a dress

Daniel Craig James Bond dress drag

Things are starting to look up for Bond 23. With the absence of 007 from movie screens fans got a surprise when actor Daniel Craig appeared in drag for an advertisement to support International Women’s Day. Bond dons a wig and a dress as he considers what it may be like to be a woman.

As Judi Dench narrates the two-minute ad reciting statistics documenting the unfairness that women are still greeted with, among which – “Women are responsible for two-thirds of the work done worldwide, yet earn only ten percent of the total income and own only one percent of the total property.”

It’s an ingenious ad using one of the most prolific, sexist, fictional characters as a demonstration of the double-standard women still are dealt with and is a nice twist to the Bond image. Obviously, Craig’s and Dench’s participation in the ad has helped give the message worldwide attention.

One thing that occurred to me after seeing it, Craig would have made a pretty rough looking Bond Girl. He’s not exactly easy on the eyes in the dress.


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