Kate Middleton Caught Topless…..Yes, The Future Queen Has Breasts!


A paparazzi managed to take pictures of Kate Middleton topless shocking the world that the future Queen of England has breasts!

Kate Middleton Topless Boobs

Wanting to keep the public abreast of the Royal goings on, the French magazine Closer ran a bunch of photos that reveal The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton topless. This has become yet another in a long line of scandals that have plagued the Royals.

Obviously they’re feeling embarrassed and violated. Prince William and Kate have filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against the magazine. And I’m bored already talking about this.

The only reason this is even on my mind is because I’ve been besieged by hundreds of articles and reports about this Boob Scandal. It only happened the other day and already done with hearing about it.

I don’t wan to get into the debates of the integrity of journalism, where should the line be drawn, invasion of privacy, the behavior of the paparazzi. There will be plenty of opinions offered on all that. The one thing that I thought of when I saw these pictures was – what kind of magazine would even publish such crappy shots?

Kate Middleton Topless SunbathingI’m sure whoever took these photos made off with a small fortune, but really were they even worth publishing? They look pretty horrible. If I wasn’t told it was Kate Middleton I probably wouldn’t have ever guessed. I might have gone with Eva Longoria or maybe that Twilight chick.

The photographer probably earned his money trying to find a spot to catch Kate’s royal pair, but really if I was the editor of one of these rags I would demand a better level of quality for my Royal exposure. I certainly wouldn’t be running a five-page spread devoted this junk.

In this technological wonderland that we’re living in this is the best we get? Satellites in space can take pictures of mailboxes on Earth, but some guy with a zoom lens can’t get a focused shot of an off guard woman sunbathing topless? I’ve seen better photos from cell phone cameras taking upskirt pictures of unsuspecting women on the street. …..I probably shouldn’t have said that….

The editor of Closer defended their publication saying the pictures were “tasteful”. I think that’s the only time we’ll be hearing the word ‘tasteful’ used in connection to these photos.

This isn’t an elegant pictorial with a professional photographer, with lights, a set, who fires off thousands of photos of hundreds of poses and selects a few that they feel are the best. This is a guy hanging in a tree trying to snap off as many photos as possible without falling out of it (that’s how I envision this went down). But I guess the word ‘tasteful’ can be subjective.

Kate Middleton topless boobsI still can’t figure out who buys these magazines. I really shouldn’t be referring to them as magazines. A ‘magazine’ is something I consider to have some worthwhile content in them, but these tabloids are just filled with disposable junk. The best they have to offer is to give people a hollow, vapid topic to read and then they can forget all about it when they turn the page.

But I guess a lot of people don’t want to think too hard during the course of their day…..

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