No Time To Die Still On Track For November Release


The promotion for James Bond’s return in No Time To Die has begun again with a new poster and trailer for its November 2020 release

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die Film Poster November 2020

There really hasn’t been much in the way of news for James Bond lately. But now those dusty marketing gears are beginning to turn once again for the release of No Time To Die in November 2020.

In the first week of September Bond fans were treated to the reveal of yet another new poster for the film AND another trailer.

Bond fans, we’ve gone through this before….remember? We saw the posters, the trailers, Billie Eilish’s title song was released, magazine cover stories were coming out, Heineken commercials were being shown, Craig hosted Saturday Night Live and did some 007 skits. It was all building for the release of No Time To Die in April 2020. THEN the announcement of the films delay until November 2020 hit. Gosh, doesn’t all that seem so long ago?

No Time To Die James Bond movie poster Daniel Craig NovemberWell, all that buzz and publicity was all so nice, let’s do it twice! Another marketing push was indeed expected to happen eventually. All that fruitless work promoting the film for its April release inevitably quieted down and the studio had to relight the hype torch once again for No Time To Die’s looming new November release. 

So, now we have gotten yet another poster with Daniel Craig as 007. It’s design is pretty much the norm fans have seen from most of Craig’s Bond run. Longtime followers of mine probably can anticipate my thoughts on it.

I always wish they would get more creative and try to do some more unique things with the poster designs. Once again, it consists of Craig standing there and it’s another one of those posters where it looks more like a cover for a magazine rather than a film poster to capture audiences attention and hint at a wondrous thrilling spectacle that awaits them as folks gaze at it in a movie theater lobby.

Craig is always standing or posing with a drab background behind him. You’d think they could come up with something a little more special for his final performance as James Bond. Nope. They’re sticking with the pattern. I’ve gotten pretty weary with these types of ‘character posters’ the Bond films have done. I’m not sure if we’ll see all the films characters get their own poster within this latest layout. 

This new poster is very reminiscent of the one poster image from Skyfall. Could this new poster have been a leftover idea from the brainstorming session in the promotions department all those years ago? “Hey, we could have 007 holding his gun a little higher up this time!” The backgrounds are practically even identical on the two with the white background and the 007 logo in black! 

James Bond Daniel Craig Movie Poster CollectionI will say I like this new image more than that early ‘blue wall’ teaser poster they released. What a downer that one was. At least Craig is in a cooler pose this time. But that’s the best thing I have to say for it. Really, some of the fan made posters for Bond I’ve seen eclipses the official stuff.

As for the latest film trailer – I have not seen it and am not anticipating watching it. I’ve gotten a bit burned out with watching trailers and promos for the film. I’m remaining under the delusion of hoping to have some surprises left for me when I finally get to see No Time To Die. I STILL HAVE NOT listened to Billie Eilish’s song. I’m saving that for the movie. So, I’m not anxious to see any more from the film.

Besides, I had an extensive discussion with DutchBondFan about the first film trailer that was released. Poring over another trailer, filing in more gaps and seeing even more shots from the film seems rather unnecessary. I understand why they released a new trailer – they have to build up enthusiasm for the release again for audiences, that’s just the predicament they’re in now  – but I don’t need anymore hype to sell me on seeing the film.

After watching the new trailer, DutchBondFan did tell me it did get him once again excited for the film, although not as excited as when he saw the first trailer. So, apparently this new trailer is working and once again is building buzz for the film for its November release.

That’s one positive thing that we’re seeing from the ‘No Time To Die Marketing Blitz Part Deux’. It appears they are committed to releasing the film this November. Things are still a bit unsure with movie theaters and the global pandemic that essentially set the world on pause. Restrictions are gradually loosening with theaters in certain areas being able to reopen. Yet, in many places movie theaters remain closed.

HaphazardStuff Drive In Movie
Enjoying an evening at a drive-in

Over the summer I ventured with my nephews to a drive-in movie. This one local theater has remained closed and they began holding drive-in movie nights over the summer during the pandemic.

That was a very fun night. If you get the chance I highly recommend enjoying a drive-in movie. It’s a really fun old school atmosphere and getting to watch a movie outside surrounded by groups sitting in their cars, all listening through their radios while enjoying bagfuls of snacks is a special novelty. I would’ve preferred if they were showing an older Bond film that night, but watching Harry Potter was fine.

Starting today my state is allowing movie theaters to reopen with restrictions, however this particular theater announced they are not going to open and have decided it will continue to do drive-ins.

One of the reasons is that there are simply not a large selection of films to show. Bill and Ted Face The Music hit some theaters and Video On Demand. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet got a wide theater release – or at least as wide as it could during this pandemic. I did read one blurb saying Tenet could be the movie to save the movies and be the film that would guide us back to the traditional movie-going experience everyone has missed. Of course a lot of areas still have closed theaters and can’t see it.

However, if things work out by November, things are safe, audiences are able to sit together in a theater and the majority of movie theaters worldwide can operate showing films to audiences once again, maybe it will be No Time To Die that will ‘save’ the movies and be the first big event film that will set moviegoing back on the road to normal. 

No Time To Die James Bond Daniel Craig Aston Martin DB5November is still several months away. Who knows what can happen before then. I still wouldn’t be very surprised if another release delay hits No Time To Die. Considering all the setbacks and unexpected issues the film has faced, another one wouldn’t’ make me bat an eye. 

As of now, No Time To Die is still looking to make it’s November 2020 release and is sticking with its promise that Bond fans will be able to finally see it then.

We shall see…

2 thoughts on “No Time To Die Still On Track For November Release

  1. I have seen the second trailer, but without audio. It keeps some of the dialogue in mystery. I also have not heard the Billie Eilish theme either as like you, I’m saving that for the movie. I was actually shock and excited to hear that there were releasing a 2nd trailer already, but I’m happy they are re-marketing for the new release. I just hope it doesn’t get pushed out.

  2. A lot of people are not going to see it, due to the Pandemic, not because of the film. They are waiting for it to be released on DVD…I may join them, as I don’t trust the cinema this year (but that’s me;-)
    As for the movie poster, I would go for Casino Royale, which features a cool, ‘shadow’ of a woman in the background. There’s something very exotic and mysterious about this poster, compared to the others.

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