Passenger 57 (1992) – A Review


A review of the 1992 action movie Passenger 57 starring Wesley Snipes, Bruce Payne, Tom Sizemore, Elizabeth Hurley, Bruce Greenwood and Alex Datcher

Passenger 57 Wesley Snipes 1992 action movie

Wesley Snipes is John Cutter, an ex-policeman who just landed a new job as an anti-terrorist expert for an airline. He boards a plane for his new gig and his flight also happens to be carrying a heavy duty terrorist being transported to prison. This baddie plans an escape and hijacks the plane with his nasty co-horts. What an ironic situation that Cutter is right there in the fray of things and is the best man to be in the sticky predicament.

Four years after Die Hard, its action influence was rippling across cinema screens. Passenger 57 was just one of dozens of flicks that ripped its story and beats from the Die Hard playbook.

It’s funny about all those ‘Die-Hard-in-a’ movies. They all vary in quality, some good, some bad, but it’s almost impossible to watch them or talk about them without thinking back to where they’re true inspiration sprung from.

There’s quite a contrast between action movies before Die Hard and those that came after it. Even now we’re on the cusp of getting….wait for it….’Die Hard‘ in a soccer stadium with Final Score starring Dave Bautista and Pierce Brosnan. The ‘Die Hard‘ shift in action movies are still being felt. I sometimes wonder when another action movie will come along that will alter action cinema in such a long lasting way.

Passenger 57 Bruce Payne Alex Datcher action movieAnyway, Passenger 57 is ‘Die Hard in a Plane’. Rewatching it I was first struck by just how short it is. It doesn’t even clock in at 90 minutes!

This movie rushes through all its paces leaving aside any buildup and not bothering with any kind of its own action logic or worrying much about its story. It plows ahead to give you exactly what you’re watching it for – Die Hard-type of action done by Snipes. It plays like a dumb cliffs note version of a superior action flick.

It’s like an action movie equivalent of jettisoning a carefully prepared, well cooked, enjoyable meal by going through a fast food drive thru.

Elizabeth Hurley Passenger 57 1992 action movie
Elizabeth Hurley

The next thing was just how trite, silly, illogical and not particularly inventive the movie is with its story. Ok, in the first ten minutes we know how this is all going to play out. Actually, you know what’s going to happen just by the movie synopsis. The fun is going to be watching the execution of that.

Passenger 57 offers nothing unique or noteworthy with its scenario. In fact, it doesn’t seem like it can come up with enough ideas to sustain itself for even half of its brief runtime! In the end it winds up as a very big bust.

At the time it was a decent sized hit and helped Snipes launch his action career, but today it plays more like a cheap direct-to-dvd movie. Snipes and bad guy Bruce Payne are meant to engage in a battle of wits and bullets and it has pretty mediocre results.

Passenger 57 1992 action movie Wesley Snipes fight sceneIt says something that with all the action bits in this movie, the most memorable thing folks have taken away from it is Snipes’ line, “Always bet on black.”

Payne ends up as one of the more entertaining elements in this. His villain is cut from the Hans Gruber cloth, much like most bad guys in movies were drawn from around this time. They were all these sophisticated, confident, smart, foreign baddies. He has some fun lines and provides a devilish center to the mayhem.

Most everything else in the movie is completely forgettable. The story never takes off and the action is uninspired. For those thinking most of the action is going to consist of creative claustrophobic action inside the plane, they’ll be in for quite the awakening. Things step away from the plane bits to do more traditional type of action – a motorcycle chase, a crazy detour to a carnival – before Snipes gets back onboard the plane to give us a very expected ending.

If you’re hoping to see Snipes engage in some martial arts fight scenes, that ends up disappointing too. They whiz past and don’t help with the excitement. As for a suspenseful cat and mouse game between good guy and bad guy…..that was some other movie.

Passenger 57 Wesley Snipes Bruce Payne 1992 action movieSnipes’ leading lady is uninteresting. The gang of terrorists look like a cheap package deal the film got from The Movie Bad Guy Store. Elizabeth Hurley has a small role as the gal terrorist, and other than her looking nice there’s no more to say about her.

There are supporting characters, but they’re more like supporting ‘function-ers ‘ who come in, do whatever is needed to keep the story going (no matter how ludicrous it might be) and leave when no longer needed.

As for Snipes, I suppose he’s fine in this. He fills the role of action lead and everyone liked his ‘bet on black line’. I’m sure he had some other one-liners in this, but I can’t remember any at all. The movie tries to give him a backstory with his wife who was killed, but it doesn’t provide the dramatic weight to his character that it’s meant to.

Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57 action movieOne amusing thing that really dates the movie is the running joke of how a little old lady thinks Snipes is Arsenio Hall. I doubt that gag has aged too well. Probably most younger movie-watchers will have no idea why this old lady is yelling “Whoop, Whoop, Whoop” at him, so that will go over their heads. Not that I thought it was very funny back in 1992 anyway.

For big Snipes fans who want something really, incredibly simple Passenger 57 might satisfy, but I think the movie did more for Snipes’ career at the time than leaving action fans a worthy movie to go back and enjoy over and over again. This ends up being disposable tripe.

There are many more Die Hard-inspired action flicks that have done this much, much better. Air Force One was a more entertaining Die-Hard-in-a Plane action movie than this.

The trailer makes it look like it will be more cheesy fun than it actually is


1 thought on “Passenger 57 (1992) – A Review

  1. With the exception of Stanley Clarke’s opening theme over the credits, this film is absolutely terrible, Poorly acted, executed with the precision of a DTV movie, and absolutely slows down when we touch in hillbilly Louisiana. Payne does his best, but he is in on the joke (Charles Raine is not insane) Hilarious. Apart from that this film has such bad its giggling lines
    Elizabeth Hurley (sexy stewardess mode) Mr. Forget
    Supposedly Main Henchman: Feurget,. It’s French.
    Elizabeth Hurley (sexy stewardess mode): Sorry, Mr. Feurget, your seat is over there,
    Supposedly Main Henchman (trying to act cool, but…) Oui Merci
    That part always made me laugh, dreadful.
    Anyhow the film is a low budget affair, and you are right, it did more for Snipes than for anyone else (whatever happened to Alex Thatcher, disappeared completely)

    However Air Force One doesn’t fair that much better; Sure Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman are the main actors and that alone raises the film, well above this dreg, but even then the CGI is atrocious and some of the minir players are awful, the one bit that really annoys me is when Oldman’s terrorist sends the first batch of hostsges to their death and some of them use parachutes to escape, well one of the minors (a fat woman) does a split second in front of a poorly filmed blue screen and she actually smiles and laughs at being infront of a screen on a harness. Still at least it was a postive shoot, both Ford and Wolfgang Peterson called it Air Force Fun due to Gary Oldman being such a hilarious joker on set, glad they all got along.

    If there is one film that needs to be mention as Die Hard on a Plane its Executive Decision. It maybe a remake of the horrid Airport ‘76 but at least the characters are not annoying, it really is a tension filled film, and the twist is not only unexpected but works so well. A very underrated film that needs to be rediscovered as the lost gem it is

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