Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Reaction – Underwhelming


A reaction to the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer starring Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton, I was underwhelmed and disappointed by it

Spider-Man Homecoming trailer Iron Man

I wasn’t planning on writing anything at all about the new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Mainly because I forgot about it after soon watching it.

There, that quickly sums up my reaction to this trailer .

After Sony crashing the cinematic Spidey, Marvel fans everywhere were excited to learn that the he was going to get into the hands of Marvel (or at least one hand). He would be able to venture into the playground of the big-screen Marvel landscape, Marvel would be able to have more control over their most famous superhero and when it was announced they would be the creative force for new upcoming Spider-Man movies champagne was being opened.

Now after seeing the first trailer for Tom Holland’s Spidey adventure I felt very underwhelmed.

Simply put, there wasn’t a lot in the trailer that got me excited for this new Spider-Man movie. Other than Michael Keaton and a quick glimpse of Marisa Tomei (who I love), plus the opening of Spidey taking out a group of Avengers-masked bank robbers, I felt very underwhelmed by it.

Tom Holland Peter Parker Ned Leeds Spider-Man HomecomingMaybe it was the inclusion of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, who I knew was going to be in this, but thought he would have a minimal role. The trailer shows him off a lot, even in a hero shot in his Iron Man costume.

I understand why they would want to have him in this movie – fans love Stark and that should guarantee plenty more money – but I would have preferred this to be a Spidey movie and the focus stay on Peter Parker and his life.

With the way it’s looking Stark might have a much bigger mentor role in this, and I’m not sure that’s such a good thing. Peter should have learned plenty from the death of Uncle Ben and that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ lesson. I don’t think I like the idea of him having a Mr. Miyagi whispering in his ear throughout the movie.

We also had a lot of talk about how this Spidey was going to be back in high school. He’s a kid, it was going to have a very John Hughes-type of teen tone meshed with a superhero movie. Tom Holland is a younger Spidey than we’ve gotten in the past, so he could be the one to really mine a lot of youthful stories for the character. Well, based on what I saw it didn’t seem that special.

It’s nice to see Spidey have a lighter spark and Holland seems like he can deliver the comedic one-liners, something that we haven’t really gotten from the past films. But I sure hope the jokes showed in the trailer aren’t the best ones they have. The jokes between Peter Parker and his pal were not very funny. The one exchange of his friend reacting to seeing Peter in his costume, reminded me of a similar scene in Green Lantern. That’s not too good when a trailer causes me to have a flashback to that flick!

Michael Keaton Vulture Spider-Man HomecomingI’m still not sold on this new Spidey costume either. Maybe it’ll grow on me. The Vulture seems like it could be very run of the mill villain. Although with Keaton playing bad he could elevate it, even if it’s a standard cookie-cutterish bad guy role.

He only has like one line in the trailer and that one piece of dialogue by Keaton got me more interested in seeing this than any of the showy action scenes or Downey’s comedic quips.

We’ve gottten five Spider-Man movies in the past sixteen years. That’s a lot! So it would be tough to herald the return of Spidey regardless of whether Marvel is making the movie or not. We just saw a sucky Spider-Man movie two years ago. So we really haven’t gotten a chance to miss Spider-Man from movie screens.

I was hoping they would make this feel much more extraordinary and unique compared to the films from the past. It’s just the first trailer and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more for the movie before July. But as of now based on this first one I’m not hopping up and down in my seat for anticipation for Spidey’s return.

By the way, I thought the international trailer was better.

2 thoughts on “Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Reaction – Underwhelming

  1. I am pretty confident that a lot of well respected actors just love the idea that their career now involves playing superhero characters for a good decade. I am sure Robert Downey Jr leaps with joy when Marvel dumps a new script on his lap so he can play IronMan for the 10th time in so many years.

    British actors who trained at the RSC or at RADA, perfecting their acting skills and learning the Method, must get a kick at playing comic book villains and to recite some amazing scripts that was churned out by a Hollywood machine

    There seems to be a new Superhero film every other month now. Joy.

  2. Haha.The climb on 1:33 looks like Nicholas-Hammond-Spiderman. In my old comics from the 70ies and 80ies, Peter Parker never looked like a teenager, he was more a twenty-something and at University. And in CIVIL WAR, the quip-rate got into Eddie-Murphy-pace, a little overboard for my taste. My problem with the Spidey-movies is their repetitive nature: Always New York, always the same problems and the same kind of villains (acquaintances from Peter with freak-accidents).

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