Superhero TV Shows – Misfits of Science (1985)


A review of the short-lived NBC superhero tv show Misfits of Science starring Dean Paul Martin, Kevin Peter Hall, Mark Thomas Miller and Courtney Cox

Misfits of Science NBC tv show

I move back into the land of 80’s television with a show that only lasted five months.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not any good does it?

Misfits of Science was a high concept show that was excitedly nurtured by NBC president Brandon Tartikoff. Prompted by the super popular Ghostbustersfrom the previous year, Misfits was meant to be the small-screen young science equivalent. An eclectic team that gets involved in not-so-ordinary adventures who were meant to endear themselves to young viewers. The oddball stories the Misfits find themselves in are essentially ripped from the pages of the National Enquirer.

The Misfits of Science are headed by Dr. Billy Hayes (Dean Paul Martin) who is a research scientist at the Humanidyne Institute where he specializes in ‘human anomalies’. His only special talent is leading his pals into trouble, but he’s always able to come up with a sarcastic joke no matter how dire the situation is.

Dr. Elvin “El” Lincoln (Kevin Peter Hall) is a towering seven-foot-four fellow scientist who has gained the ability to shrink down to eleven inches for a limited amount of time before he returns to his normal height.

Johnny Bukowski (Mark Thomas Miller) an old school rock and roller who possesses electrical powers after being electrocuted on stage.

Gloria Dinallo (Courtney Cox) a telekinetic teen who has a history of bad behavior.

These core misfits are surrounded by the tightly wound director of Humanidyne, a ditzy secretary, Gloria’s probation officer and a wild research facility filled with enough strange experiments that it makes wearing a labcoat look to be an awful fun gig.

I take a look at the short-lived NBC television series Misfits of Science.

Superhero Films – Chap. 27: Misfits of Science from HaphazardStuff on Vimeo.

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    1. You know Captain that's funny I did think some of those shots looked awfully familiar. Not sure if those were actually lifted from the Blues Brothers or they just just look very similar. But they do look sort of like the crowds running for cover from the Bluesmobile….

  1. In an interview in Starlog 124 (published November 1987), Courteney Cox revealed that she was auditioning for a part on Code Name: Foxfire at Universal Studios when she found out they were casting Misfits of Science across the hall and decided to try out for that as well.

  2. I Remember 1 Episode Of 'Misfits' Of Science' That Stood-Out Somewhat The Episode Paid Homage To 'The $6-Million Dollar Man' Tv-Series The Bionic-Sound Effects' Were In The Episode, The Music-Score' Were All In This Episode It Was Pretty Good. Most Homages' To A Movie/Tv-Show Are Let-Downs' Somewhat The Producers Introduce A Stupid 'Out Of Blue Character To It Leaving The Viewer Wondering 'Who The Hell Is This' Whats' This Got To Do With It'? But This Homage Was Done Well Its' Worth Catching. Ps-Sid Haig Was In This Episode Of 'Misfits' Of Science' Too He Is Always' Fun To Watch.

  3. Somebody Out There Must Remember The Episode Of 'Misfits' Of Science' That Payed Homeage To 'The $6-Million Dollar Man' There Are 'Trillions' Of People On This Planet Sid Haig Is Memorable In Anything That He Appears' In He's Great In This Episode.

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