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James Bond 24 movie filming

Bond 24 To Begin Filming in October

In a recent interview Ralph Fiennes was inevitably asked about the next James Bond film. Of course if you know anything about the way 007 movies work everyone associated with...

Annette Funicello death

The Death of Annette Funicello

Original Mouseketeer and co-star of the famed 1960’s beach movies Annette Funicello has died

Roger Ebert death dies

The Death of Roger Ebert

Film critic Roger Ebert has died at the age of 70. After undergoing surgeries to combat cancer Ebert had lost portions of his jaw and his ability to speak. This...

reporting on bad weather storms

Reporting On Bad Weather

Meteorologists must love to report on bad weather, they know people are tuning into the Weather Channel there’s excitement to give out reports

Super Storm Sandy destruction

Super Storm Sandy & The Fall Out

Super Storm Sandy left devastation along the east coast and now begins the process of rebuilding