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trouble sleeping

Trouble Sleeping?

What you should do if you have trouble sleeping, try to make the most out of this opportunity

27 Club dead singers musicians

The 27 Club

The mysterious 27 Club where famed musicians die at the young age of 27

Christmas tree garbage

The Christmas Aftermath

After the Christmas holiday curbs are littered with Christmas trees and decorations for disposal

Nightmare Before Christmas

The Christmas Creep

When exactly does the Christmas begin? It seems it arrives earlier and earlier every year.

Jogging in cold snow

Running In The Cold…..

The cold weather won’t prevent hardcore joggers from taking a run

Charlie Chaplin mirrors

Mirror, Mirror

The mysterious, mystical, deep thought provoking powers mirrors contain

MapQuest screen

An Experiment With MapQuest

MapQuest can be a handy tool for traveling, but can it also provide more philosophical information for your life

fun snack shapes

Fun Shapes!

Snack crackers are coming in all sorts of fun shapes and they’re so much better than boring squares

Phone Book pages

The Name Game

How many people in the world share your name and birthday

Rodins Thinker

Are You Being Thought Of?

I wish there was a way to find out at any given moment when there was someone out there thinking about me. It would be sort of the same premise...

strolling walking on beach

Let’s Take A Stroll

The relaxing ritual some people have of taking a morning stroll