The Three Stooges Are Back! (Sort of….)


A new film by the Farrelly Brothers are resurrecting the iconic comedy team the Three Stooges, yes Moe, Larry and Curly are back

Three Stooges movie poster

The Farrelly Brothers new film The Three Stooges based on the famous comedy trio is headed our way in April 2012. Fans have finally gotten a first look at the teaser trailer and now finally have an idea what they can expect.

And a lot of them don’t like it.

Apparently a very loud reaction is being heard from a lot of Stooge fans over what is being done to Moe, Larry and Curly. It’s probably not what Peter and Bobby Farrelly were hoping for after the long struggle to get this passion project finally done, but based on the overwhelming negative response by Stooge fans it doesn’t seem their new Three Stooges film is going to be welcomed with open arms.

I can’t say I blame the fans, in a lot of ways I completely agree with them. The teaser trailer did not excite me at all with the idea of venturing out to the theater to see this updating of our favorite knuckleheads.

As expected we get the classic slapstick that the Stooges were known for and we see Chris Diamantopoulos (Moe), Sean Hayes (Larry) and Will Sasso (Curly) recreate all the eye pokes, slaps and falls that are Stooge trademarks. The supporting cast consists of a few familiar faces – Sofia Vergara, Jane Lynch, Larry David, Jennifer Hudson and…..Snooki. (Yep, feels like they’re grasping at comedy straws with that piece of casting).

I’ve read the Farrely’s, obviously, huge Stooge fans and have wanted to make a movie about them for a long time. And while I can appreciate fans desire to see the boys back on screen I’ve accepted the fact that it will never happen. And if it was attempted it would most likely look like the trailer that we’re seeing now.

Three Stooges Cast Sean Penn Benecio Del Toro Jim CarreyAt one point a new Three Stooges movie sounded like it was going to be interesting based on the original casting idea – Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Benecio DelToro. Can you even picture that??? I would be curious to see any movie that starred those three together! Then having them play Curly, Larry and Moe….oh I gotta see this!

But that didn’t happen and that casting idea, which would have given the film an aura of prestige and interest by the general audience is gone.

So the film is now left with B-level actors, some you might be familiar with, dressed up as the Stooges and doing their best impersonations of them. There’s a grab bag of supporting parts and there looks to be some topical pop culture humor. I always wondered what the Stooges would have thought of the Jersey Shore.

The funniest thing to me is the swift reaction by fans when the trailer hit. There have been very loud, angry voices, some already proclaiming it as the worst film of 2012. Yeah, they could be right and I’d be the first to say based on the trailer the film doesn’t look very good, but really what did everyone expect?

I’ve accepted the fact that this was probably a bad idea from the start. As much as I would love to see a new Three Stooges film it’s just not going to happen. Sadly the Stooges have long ago died and they left us with the only Stooge films we’ll ever see. Anything new that comes along will just be imitators in costumes or tribute acts. Whether they want to call themselves the Three Stooges or not, they’re not the Three Stooges.

Three Stooges Moe Curly LarryWhen I heard Carrey, Penn and DelToro dropped out of the project the curiosity to see the film was lost for me. My reaction to the trailer was just indifference. I’m not going to rant about how bad it looks or that it should never be made. Let’s face it there really hasn’t been much Stooge activity for a long time, so with this film I’m just hoping the interest will prompt a new documentary or book about the real Stooges.

I might be overly optimistic about that and the tradeoff of having the name of the Three Stooges headline a lousy movie might be somewhat painful, but that’s the price to pay to get the guys some major attention again unfortunately.

To be fair this was only a teaser trailer. Who knows, maybe the film will be really funny. It’s possible, not very likely, but possible. I’m betting it will be an attempted forgettable cash grab of a popular title, like the Little Rascals or that All New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy. (anyone remember that one?)

Three Stooges movie 2012I doubt the Farrelly’s Three Stooges will draft many new fans. The nostalgic affection a lot of fans have for the Stooges that have generated interest in this project will be lost on younger audiences who really aren’t aware of the guys. In an era where the Jackass gang are doing much crazier stuff, will some eye pokes dazzle younger filmgoers? I doubt it.

So what possibly could be left are die-hard Stooge fans rallying against the idea of this film and anger at the Farrelly’s for putting Snooki in it.

But at least we might get a new documentary or book about the real Stooges out of it……maybe…..I hope…..Turner Classic Movies please come through!

One upside to this project is it has given Stooge fans a reason to come together and share their thoughts about this new film and their reactions to it. Stooge fans haven’t had a Stooge-related project to talk about for a very long time. It’s kind of nice to see, even if most of it is complaining. I sometimes forget how beloved the guys still are by so many people.

A musical tribute video I did for the Three Stooges

Hooked On Stooges from HaphazardStuff on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “The Three Stooges Are Back! (Sort of….)

  1. You hit it on the head. It looks and feels like one of those "Epic/Date/Super- Movie". Surprise that Sony/Columbia didn't release it since a major of the Stooges films came from them. Other then two films that try to continue the Stooges history that one from the 80's sort of kid next gen one and Mel Gibson bio TV one, it's hard to believe Stooges hasn't been brought back much earlier. What's shocking is how retro they are trying to bring the characters to the modern world, rather then create a world where the Stooges can exist in a more present day environment. I'm curiously if this will fall into the doom success that those Alvin and the Chipmunks, where they are terrible pop culture films with any lack of good writing, and just fall into the pop cultural joke hell.

  2. I'm 50 yrs old, I am very easy to satisfy. I loved watching the 3 stooges back when i was a little kid. I loved watching this trailer simply because to me, they some how captured the feel and looks of them as i remembered them. I think a lot of people are being a little to harsh about the trailer. after all, this is not a remake of a classic movie like "A space odyssey 2001" or anything like that, its a 3 stooges movie for gods sake, why not just sit back and enjoy with an open mind, forget about whats going on in our world today and escape for a couple of hours?

  3. saw the movie this weekend and all I can say was it made me laugh through out and brought me back to my childhood days when I would watch every episode. Great slap stick humour and as long as you know what to expect going in then this movie delivers on true Stoogeisims. I strongly suggest if your a fan of the Stooges to see this, if your a puritan stay clear, if you like laughing then this is for you. I hope there is a sequel

  4. The Farrelly Brothers have made probably the worst Three Stooges movie it's possible to make in 2012, and perhaps ever since the Stooges stopped making them themselves it received a nomination for worst film of the year by the Houston Film Critics Society.

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