The Top Ten WORST Sequels of All Time


A Top Ten list of the worst movie sequels of all time

worst movie sequels ever Caddyshack 2

I realized I don’t do enough lists. People love lists. They’re easy to get the main points to, they open themselves up to debate of what’s there and what’s not and they pack in a bunch of info in one compact package.

Something recently prompted the idea of writing up my own ‘Top Ten Worst Sequels Of All Time’. But instead of writing them down, I figure this could make for an amusing video project. It could be a bit more entertaining to illustrate the awfulness I’m talking about. Plus, it would be a change of pace and something different than me talking about James Bond, superheroes and remakes.

I established some criteria for this list of terrible sequels. If every and all sequel qualified for this list then there would be countless candidates fighting for a slot and soon this Top Ten could become The Top Fifty or Top One Hundred. There are just so many notable flicks to be included in a stinky sequel list.

So the rules are pretty simple, essentially these sequels have to be a direct followup to the original – in other words it has to be a ‘number two’ film. It also has to be the final film in this series. No ‘number three’ sequels were spawned from it. These ‘franchises’ never reached to becoming a trilogy and beyond. The films must only consist of an original film and it’s lackluster sequel. The torture stopped at the number two.

With those rules in place there’s actually plenty of candidates for a Top Ten Worst Sequels Of All Time List. This is not exactly a definitive list and is more like Ten Sequels I Just Did Not Like, but that’s not as catchy a title for this project.


Top Ten Worst Sequels of All Time from HaphazardStuff on Vimeo.

18 thoughts on “The Top Ten WORST Sequels of All Time

  1. Great list.

    Although, I think you were being generous with Caddyshack 2. You didn't come close to how much of a betrayal that was. But I realize that you only had a few minutes to make your case.

    Too bad that you haven't seen Blues Brothers 2000. It's one of those sequels that make you appreciate the original more. Like I never realized how gritty Blues Brothers was. The dirty streets and dark cinematography are absent in the sequel. And how the band members, who were not actors by profession, were able to turn in good performances (particularly, Mr. Fabulous). By the time of the sequel, their acting skills deteriorated. It also stressed how important Jake was to the movie. His lying, wheeling and dealing character gave his brother Elwood someone to play off of.

    I also realized that the first movie should have failed. A lot of things in that film didn't make sense (cars flipping, streets that seemed to be miles in the air, 20 car pileups). And if that movie had failed, people would have pointed to the Che Paul scene as to how mean spirited the characters could be.

    But the bad movie gods passed it over. And the movie is a purely fun flick.

  2. I can't look at the list right now, but I'm going to guess that "City Slickers 2" has to be here. The first film was both lighthearted and heartwarming with an endearing message. The second was an abomination with nary a laugh to be found- in fact, I cringed a lot more than I even cracked a smile. Just Awful.

    I'd assume that "Ghostbusters 2" has to be here too, mainly because for the story to even happen, the ending of the first film had to be completely subverted. "Speed 2" and "Grease 2" are almost givens for lists of this type…but enough of my list. First chance I get, I'll take a look at yours.

  3. Ok, I only disagreed on two of your picks:

    1. I liked "Escape from LA" because I instantly identified it as a parody of "Escape from NY" more than an actual sequel. When Kurt Russel sneers "the more things change…" he seemed to be letting me know he was in on the joke. I thought it was just fun. Now, I get that if you insist on seeing it as a sequel to the brilliant classic that was the first movie, this one really sucks. I just didn't.

    2. I really don't know how "Taken 2" made it on this list, since your standard is that the first film has to be good. "Taken" was cliche'd BS that didn't just require the viewer to suspend his disbelief, but to lock it in a vault and sink it in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Yeah, the sequel was even worse- but "Taken" was a BAD FILM.

    Anyway, glad to note that my Two Worst Sequels had no problem making the list. The only two films noted here that I haven't seen are the Poseiden sequel and "Arthur 2," and your reviews don't make me think I missed a thing.

  4. Another Very-Good Commentary While Admititly I Havent' Seen Most Of The Movies'That You Listed. You Still Did A Excellent Job Nonetheless. You Should Do A 'Best Sequels' Next There Were A Few That Were Pretty Good I Saw 'Beyond The Posidien Adventre'! I Think In The Climax Of The Movie They Used The Same Soundstage That Was Used In 'Batman'!-(1966.). Where Batman And Robin Confronted The Vilians' Near The End Of The Movie Catwomen Pushed The Both Of Them Into The Ocean From Behind. Hope You Do Another 'List' Soon.

  5. And I don't get why the woman who played Neeson's wife in the films is supposed to be so hot. I didn't think she was anything special.

    She was also a nasty, lying b–ch who spent the first ten minutes of the first film tossing unnecessary put-downs at her ex and then endangering their daughter by lying to him to get permission for her to travel around Europe (the agreement Neeson signed would have had to state exactly which countries their daughter could travel to- if he had read it, he would have SEEN she wasn't just going to Paris..just one of the many plot holes in that film……groan….)

  6. After viewing it yesterday, I'm pretty much ready to add "Despicable Me 2" to the list. I thought the first one was an instant family classic. Five minutes into the second one I felt the dreaded "they don't know what they are doing, they had no idea how to follow up so they are going to let the minions take over the whole fricking movie" gloom descend on me…and it never really lifted. Hell, the fart gun- a three-second gag in the first film, is a freaking INSTITUTION in the second, and why would any little kid give a damn about Gru finding a wife? Fail on so many levels.

    1. Oh brother….I was wondering whatever happened with that Escape From New York remake idea. I like how they're saying it might be a possible 'trilogy'. What makes them so quick to think fans will want to see a second and third one after this 'origin'. Are they really that confident that it's going to be that good it deserves to be a trilogy…?

  7. Now that I think of it– how could "Predator 2" not make this list? The first film was a sci-fi classic. The second was a disgusting, virtually plot-less gore fest "starring" Danny Glover…just putrid.

  8. What no U.S Marshall sequel to The Fugitive or the Gone in Sixty Seconds film, or Fright Night 2 – which by the way the remake of that movie is getting a sequel with the Sister character, but remaking it as the 1st film? I don't know, didn't like remake at all. What about Critters 2 the hungry huffier or you forgot Gremlins 2 The new batch. I love that movie but looks like CGI remake is coming our way. Or After Shock the sequel to Rocky Horror. Texaseville that 20 year remake to The Last Picture show or Tron Legacy, Battle Royale, Remo Williams, Agent Cody Banks. Well anyway, you know what subject should be done. Movies that try to be franchise but didn't work. Like what we see now. Golden Compass, Beautiful Creature, Eragon, Jumper, The Seeker, Lemony Snicket, The Host, Battlefield Earth all these Twilight/Harry Potter want to be. Even in the 80s and 90s we saw this. Remember Buckaroo Banzai or Doctor Detroit where they show the next film title at the end of the movie. Airplane 3,Innerspace, Spaceballs, Wild, Wild West, the list is endless.

  9. What about Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? Yes, that would require acknowledgement that Bill and Ted's excellent adventure was good, but really for its time and target audience (teenage boys, which in 1989 I was) it was pretty entertaining. Bogus Journey was terrible.

  10. i dont liked org speed movie, i liked speed 2, i agree on city slickers, and fletch 2, and off corse piranha 3dd

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