Qwikster Put To Rest Already????


Netflix’s big idea of a separate mailing rental entity Qwikster has quickly come to an end before it even began

Qwikster netflix cancelled

Just a few weeks ago Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced a plan that the company would bee separating their DVD mailing service and streaming service into two separate entities. Streaming customers would get to keep visiting their favorite website Netflix, while those who would want to get their DVD’s mailed to them…well they would get introduced to a website called Qwikster. If you wanted both services, you would have to visit both websites.

It really sounded lousy and customers complained very loudly about it (including yours truly). Well, after some pretty stupid decisions in the last few months Netflix finally got one right – they would not go forward with their Qwikster idea.

Yes. Sadly we’ll never get a chance to grow and love the website….Qwikster. GOOD!

I’m not sure what is going on in Netflix heads nowadays. It seems they’re just in panic mode and scrambling to come with solutions to their problems. Problems that didn’t seem to exist a few months ago, at least from my perspective, but what do I know. Only that I was a contented customer, really enjoyed their service and encouraged friends to join.

Now I’m still debating whether to jump off the Netflix ship or not.

I was very happy to hear the elimination of the Qwikster idea. (I don’t even like saying that name. “Qwikster”…..it really doesn’t roll off the tongue.

There’s some feeling of justice about all this that they saw what a bad idea it was and now their faces are as red as their envelopes they mail out.

I’m just fully anticipating their next bad idea to rear it’s ugly, inconvenient head…..

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