One Moore (A View To A Kill)

A View To A Kill CastAt age 57, Roger Moore made his final bow as 007 with 1985’s A View To A Kill.

Co-starring Christopher Walken, Grace Jones and Tanya Roberts, View is routinely cited as one of the worst entries in the series. Moore visibly looked his age and many thought he should have hung up his Walther holster years ago. Although very beautiful, Roberts as a State Geologist is considered one of the worst Bond Girls ever.

And the casting of Grace Jones and the elder Moore jumping in bed with her…..creeps a lot of fans out.

Still View does have some impressive action and despite critical reaction was a box office success. The big question on everyones minds was the departure of Roger Moore from the role and who would succeed him. For many young fans Moore was their James Bond having played the part for the past twelve years.

Big changes were coming for the series.

At this point in my review series I think I finally realized it would have been a better idea to just dedicate a single review for every film. Took me long enough to figure this out.

I tried to adhere to the ten minute time limit that YouTube had allowed at the time, but there is plenty more I can say about this film.


One Moore (A View To A Kill) from HaphazardStuff on Vimeo.