A Good Day To Die Hard – Uh Oh….


I’m starting to get a bad uneasy feeling about the upcoming action sequel A Good Day To Die Hard starring Bruce Willis, it’s not looking very good

Good Day Die Hard Bruce Willis

I don’t know why, but I suddenly started to get a really bad feeling about the newest adventure of Bruce Willis’ John McClane – A Good Day To Die Hard.

Admittedly, I didn’t have too high of hopes with this sequel anyway. McClane teaming up with his son, he’s some kind of government agent, they’re in Russia, explosions start to happen. It already started to sound like a typical action flick and that’s not what a Die Hard movie should be. A Die Hard movie should be Epic. Unique. Great!

Of course the quality that the series started out with when it began in 1988 has dropped, but this newest Die Hard is looking like things might have dramatically taken a nosedive.

Good Day To Die Hard John McClane Bruce WillisThe reason this uneasy feeling blanketed over me about this was because I saw a new clip of the film and it had some of that extraordinarily, silly, hard to swallow, action that the previous film, Live Free or Die Hard finished up on. Last time McClane was hanging off of a Harrier jet and now it looks like he’ll be doing similar superheroic feats with an exploding helicopter, falling through countless stories of floors made of glass in buildings or something

Then I started to put all the negatives in a pile about this flick – writer of the A-Team and Wolverine. director of Max Payne and Flight of the Phoenix. Plus, a February release for a Die Hard movie? My gut is telling me to prepare myself for the worst.

This is kind of strange that in such a short span of time we’ve gotten old school action films from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and now Bruce Willis.

We should start getting the word on A Good Day To Die Hard any day now. Fans will certainly be curious about it and the series has earned a lot of goodwill through the years. I wonder if this time it will completely squander that and leave everyone disappointed.

I’ve already begun mentally preparing myself for this to be the worst Die Hard film in the entire series. I hope this won’t be the case, but the signs don’t look good.

Good Day To Die Hard Yuliya Snigir Motorcycle GirlAt the very least it will have this hot looking motorcycle chick in it. She’s easier on the eyes than Alan Rickman. That’s something I guess….

7 thoughts on “A Good Day To Die Hard – Uh Oh….

  1. I am going to see it next week, but i doubt that it will be a new highpoint for the series. They have done the wrong guy in the wrong place routine. It worked in nr 4 because of the gap between it and the third. But now he's there again with over the top action that would make McClane from the first film bleed to death. Oh, and Willis has confirmed in an interview that they are already working on the script for part 6.

    But on another point, I actually think that The A-team movie is underrated. Good cartoonish action, funny moments and well cast. Well I guess help that I saw before I saw an episode of the show. But I'm a fan of the show as well. Got the first 2 seasons on DVD

  2. Then you going to love Die Hard 6 which is already in production, thx to the international box office which has hit weeks early. The only good thing to come out of Die Hard 5 is the mural Fox did for their soundstage to honor the 1st Die Hard movie. By the way did you hear about the Beverly Hills Cop TV show. Got any thoughts about that.
    Here's Collider artical about the Die Hard mural with time lapse video.

  3. I too am seeing it this weekend, and quite frankly I'm not expecting much. From all the sequels, Die Hard With A Vengeance was the best one for me. As for Live Free & Die Hard (AKA Die Hard 4.0) absolutely atrocious, but still you never know, part 4 may turn out to be a watchable guilty pleasure in comparison to part 5.

    When all said and done we can all agree that Die Hard is, and will always be, unmatched. One of the best action movies of all time, Happy 25th.

  4. I was surprised to find out what a disappointment A Good Day to Die Hard turned out to be, Then there's director John Moore remember, he's the one who ruined the remake of The Omen and the big screen/video game adaptation of Max Payne, but now he ruin such a popular franchise like DIE HARD here, as John McClane – Bruce Willis seems to be looking starting very tired this time around, he doesn't really shows as much enthusiasm as he used to be in the previous four movies and Jai Courtney did well on his part, and I do hope he returns if they are making a 6th one, but I am begging if they can get a good director for the 6th one, since Bruce says it will possibly be the last one. Bring McTiernan or Wiseman back, and let him end the series with a huge bang!

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