Three Things Everyone Needs To Survive Mother Nature…..


Every storm forecast provokes a rush to buy three necessities – milk, bread and eggs

bread milk eggs buy for storm

Hurricane Irene is baring down on the East Coast and looks to leave a nasty mark. All the warnings the news is dishing out and weathermen pointing to their maps with ominous graphics are pretty much scaring the crap out of everyone.

So being safe rather than sorry folks are gearing up for the worst. Everyone was forced to evacuate the New Jersey shore (Yours truly included. Cutting my vacation a day short. Thanks Irene….). People are getting their candles and flashlights ready. Trying to stock up on generators. Waiting on long lines at the pumps to gas the cars up. Everyone is battening down the hatches….well at least the people who own hatches.

Lastly everyone is naturally is stocking up on some food. Which brings me to the one aspect to what nasty weather seems to always bring.

A sudden need for milk, bread and eggs. 

I’ve always had an odd fascination with this phenomenon. This seems to accompany any kind of nasty weather. Mainly it’s when snow is in the forecast. The minute there’s an announcement snow is coming everyone seems to make a dash to the grocery store to stock up on these three essentials.

Three Stooges milk ad CurlyI had to venture to the food store – I only picked up some frozen pizza’s. But I immediately made a dash to the bread aisle to see what was going on. Not to my surprise it was completely empty. Everyone seemed to grab whatever they could. They even bought all the mini bagels!

Next up was the milk area. Again – empty. To my shock there was still some eggs left. I guess the store managed to stock up on them beforehand. Unless they have some chickens in the back room just laying them around the clock for snow warnings.

Not to make light of things and I hope everyone stays safe, but if you ever want some free entertainment during one of these upcoming “weather events” (the term weathermen use to describe this stuff. Which is also pretty funny to me. ‘Weather events’….it makes it sound like an outdoor concert) goto the local supermarket and just hang out in the bread or milk aisle and watch the panicked faces on people when the realization hits they’re too late and they will be bread-less and milk-less for the next few days. They’ll just have to tough it out and skip making french toast.

Sometimes it seems people are more worried about getting these essentials than anything else. Along with the weather maps, the news should just add updates to the bread and milk sightings in the area. It might help people out.

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