What Are You Supposed To Do When The Lights Go Out?


What are some things that you can do when the lights go out

city blackout

What are you supposed to do when the power goes out?

The first thing I do is check other appliances to see if it’s just one room or the entire joint that lost power. Once I see the microwave doesn’t have its nifty clock lit up I look out the window to see if the neighbors are walking outside.

If the entire block loses power usually everyone wanders outside to investigate. This is an opportunity to speak to the neighbors that you don’t really talk about. Finally you have a common topic that you can easily discuss.

Once that’s confirmed I light a candle and just sit…..and wait. No TV, no computer, no radio, no light to read by, what else can you do? I can’t imagine what people did back in the old days when there was no electricity.

Once it got dark out the choice of just going to sleep seems reasonable, as opposed to sitting by your one candle. Unless you had a whole bunch of candles going, then maybe you could enjoy the evening and do something fun. What did they have…..maybe read the two page newspaper, they must of had playing cards and I guess drink.

It was a very boring 20 minutes when that power went out.

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