Batman (1989)

Batman 1989 Jack Nicholson Michael KeatonThe summer of 1989 would see the release of many highly anticipated movies. It would be movie heaven for fans. As my one friend has said, “The best summer of our lifetime for movies was definitely 1989.”

As the summer of 1989 approached there would be one film in particular that would dominate the season, one movie that would be the most anticipated film of the year helped along by endless hype of merchandise and billboards – Batman.

Anyone around during that summer will recall how you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing that Bat logo on t-shirts or cut into people’s hair! Batman would be a big-budget attempt at a much darker Batman than general audiences were familiar with. While most people were asking, “Where’s Adam West?”, comic book fans embraced the idea of a more faithful telling of the caped crusader. That is until they heard Michael Keaton would be wearing the cowl. Huh???

With a huge budget, a young director by the name of Tim Burton, Jack Nicholson getting a huge payday, complete secrecy from the set and an early movie trailer that ignited the spark in the eyes of everyone who saw it, when the film finally hit Bat fans and everyone else swarmed theaters to make it a huge hit. I go back and revisit Burton’s Batman.

Batman Part Two