James Bond – 50 Years of Saving the World


A tribute to the James Bond films that are celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year that began with 007’s first film Dr. No in 1962

James Bond 50th fiftieth anniversary

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull myself away from doing James Bond projects.

My latest somewhat unexpected one wasn’t planned. It seemed every Bond fan was doing their own tributes to mark 007’s 50th anniversary, so I really didn’t feel the need to add another one to the list. Besides I have my hands full doing my Bond film reviews, I don’t need any more Bond projects put on my To Do List. However, after being very disappointed with the Bond tribute that was featured on the Oscars it was enough to prod me to do my own.

There was a lot of anticipation leading up to it. On top of the possible rumors that all six Bond actors appear onstage together would of made it the biggest Bond tribute possible! That didn’t happen. The Academy simply had Halle Berry intro a muddled montage and the only saving grace was Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger. It was more of a testament to Bassey’s talents than the legacy the 007 films have made, not only in the hearts of fans, but in cinema in general.

So soon after I was able to shake off my shock at that was all the Oscars did for Bond (not counting awarding Skyfall two Oscars) I began my own 007 tribute.

This initially started out being very different. I originally wanted to incorporate five different Bond songs running through this montage, but it just got too jarring and I just wasn’t happy with how it was coming out. I was ready to abandon it, but started working on it again (that’s why I finished this so long after that Oscar night). I decided to just rely on the only Oscar winning Bond song, Adele’s Skyfall to provide the background music.

It may not be the best tribute video, but I would certainly argue it’s better than what the Oscars did. At least there’s no intro by Jinx!


5 thoughts on “James Bond – 50 Years of Saving the World

  1. The Oscar montage, which I watched later in clips, was indeed extremely embarrassing. Even with the amount of work you spent on this, it does kick the Oscar's ass by a long shot. Looking forward to your full QUANTUM OF SOLACE review, which hopefully appear some time this year. Nice job on this little tribute, regardless

    By the way, I'm now loving your Remake Recons as much as your Bond & Superhero reviews. This weekend, I indulged in 3 horror "remakes": THE THING (not bad), A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (really bad) and THE TOOLBOX MURDERS (mediocre). I don't know about you, but I'm insanely excited for the new EVIL DEAD coming out nationwide this Friday. From what I can gather from the white-hot internal buzz, this is no ordinary remake.

  2. Wow, now that was a montage. I'm excited to break out my DVD's after that. Love the connection at the end with Connery to Craig.

  3. Well done sir. Way better than that awful montage at the oscars. Can't wait to see your review of Quantum. How far off is that anyway?

  4. You have excelled yourself yet again. Now this is a montage, you address the themes of Bond, girls, action and panache and how they evolved over the years And like the previous post mentioned, I too love the connection at the finale between Connery to Craig.

    You can pretty much guess we are all anxious to see your review of Quantum of Solace.

  5. I not sure about you guy's. But the rumors and talk coming out of the Bond camp these day's is scary. Ever since Skyfall made a Billion dollars. The way these producers are treating the next Bond film feels like a cash grab. I glad Mendes didn't come back and that Christopher Nolan didn't go with Bond as his next film. There so much about next Bond might be black, or the new Superman is eyeing to take over for Craig. Or Craig might pull a Roger Moore and keeping making Bond past his 60's. I would ask if you care to address all these rumors on a vlog, but it would be a waste of time. So, much is changing I wonder if the next Bond might come out every year like Disney is planning for Star Wars. I believe John Logan can make a good Bond script, but if they rush or push what they think made Skyfall special into the next film. It'll feel dull. Which leads me to ask. How come there has never been a America director for Bond and you can't count Roger Spottiswoode, he was canadian. One thing I heard which is a bit of trivia. Did you know that Adam West of 60's Batman was offered the part of Bond after Sean. Crazy, an America offer Bond. Oh, one thing I been noticing about your reviews. I recently been getting some Bond history books. I notice you things you repeat in your review that I found in those books. Like in Moonraker, where the villain say's that line about …a unloved season. I figure some of your analysis has been coming from the books. Just an observation.

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